Free Wriitng Events for March & Reflection on February

Bangin' your head against books won't do you any good.

Bangin' your head against books won't do you any good.

Hello there, writers! Well, I’ve been gone a long time because of my new job. I’m working on their new website, blog, newsletter, and automated email service PLUS making a new list for all 2,000 of their contacts… fun, fun and more FUN!!! But, no worries… writing is not far from my mind and it shouldn’t be far from yours either. What I’m learning is to implement everyday duties into my writing career. That’s right, whether you’re at a 9-5, taking care of the kids, or even if finding a job is your full-time job (for now, at least), you can find a way to use these time-consuming responsibilities to work for your stories and for what you want to do with them… even if you’re not working on the next page or chapter.

Since my time is consumed with marketing, I’m mostly finding better ways of promoting my work when it’s finished. This is excellent, right? If you want to become a professional writer, then this is a proactive solution to getting your work out there. What everyone learns in a recession is that you have to break through the boundaries of what you know and expect in order to get things done.

Today, I went to a panel that had nothing to do with fiction and everything to do with collaboration and searching for projects when it seems like there’s nothing going on to begin with. TIP: There is always SOMEONE who needs your ideas and your words… Imagine being a soldier. You have the strength, the talent, the ambition to win the fight that will ultimately save your race and show you as triumphant. But, you need the weapons, the armor, all the exteriors to prove to others (as well as yourself) that you exist! Excellent marketing tools, such as a website, blog, and newsletter campaign act as your armor and weapons. As a writer, you will need to get it out there somehow. Collaborating with other writers on fun, creative projects and learning how to market yourself correctly all work in your favor. I was surrounded by people who share the same concerns as I once had: How do I – one person – let my community know what I’m up to and what I can do for them?

Never underestimate your work. Fiction is necessary. People read everything all of the time. You just need to figure out how to get your words into their hands.

I will go through the process of marketing one’s stories and, of course, themselves in the next few entries. Besides, February is ending soon and we all need to reflect on our month’s progress.

What have I done this month for my stories? I have 10 that I’m working on right now. So far, I’m writing up the first draft of a short story that is fun and weird and gross. I’m halfway through it. I work on at least 3-5 pages each night… four or more during the weekends or whenever I have more time to spare. I’ve also started a character synopsis on my next story, which has been exciting. Why, you might ask? Well, one woman I’m drawing up used to be an average housewife whose care and devotion makes her the heroine… but she’s boring. So, I gave her a sordid past filled with some guilt and conflict that ultimately makes her heroic efforts redeeming… but only to herself. For everyone else, she’s falling back into the same old bad habits that may get her into some serious trouble. Voila! A twist is born.

TIP: Never underestimate the fragility of your characters, no matter how strong or determined you make them in your story. The flaws and internal conflict you inject into your protagonist breathes new life into what could have been a forgettable, boring tale.

That’s all for now on that end of the spectrum. March boasts new, unforeseen opportunities. Take them.

Free writing events:

Thursday, Feb 26
7:30PM to 8:30PM Barnes & Noble – Greenwich Village
396 Avenue of the America

Free Children’s Book Writing Class with Marissa Walsh
Sunday, Mar 1
6:00PM to 7:00PM McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince Street

Free Playwriting Class with Kuros Charney
Wednesday, Mar 18
7:30PM to 8:30PM Barnes & Noble – Lincoln Center
1972 Broadway

Free Fiction Writing Class with novelist Diana Spechle
Thursday, Mar 26
7:30PM to 8:30PM Barnes & Noble – Greenwich Village
396 Avenue of the Americas

Free Article Writing Class (More information soon!)
Instructor: Pauline Millard

More events will be added later. Promise! I will attend some of these classes so hopefully I’ll see you there too.

If you received this blog by email, that means I put you on my list. You can unsubscribe at any time… but why would you???

If you are a fellow writer and would love to collaborate with others, or if you know of writing events at which we can share ideas, then please let me know so I can blast you on the Internet.

Anywho, it’s getting late, for me anyway, and after a day of caffeine, carbs, and sugar rushes – I need a rest.

I bid adieu… til’ next time.


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