Realms of the Unreal and a Welcome!


Welcome back! Sorry I strayed from you for so long. Job transitions and a big move has left me grasping for a peace of mind. As I usually do, I left a recent position. It offered a view of a growing business and a decent paycheck, but I hated it!! Practicing what I preach, I gave myself space to leave (although… I still haven’t quit yet) and found solace working part-time as a visitor services agent at The Museum of Sex. Today I’ll spend a moment taking a tour of the new exhibitions, since I hadn’t done so in a while. I did pass an exceptionally unique piece on necrophilic activities in the duck world; but I shall return to it for a closer examination.

Harlem is an exciting new neighborhood. Thanks to my wonderful husband (I love you, Carlos), I’ll be able to sightsee the rest of my community on a beautiful black bicycle. We finally snagged a roommate to fill up the once vacant room in the back of the apartment. He’s an appropriate addition and we look forward to making his life a living hell!

Onto writing – it has been both productive and slow. My own set of fiction has been neglected to accomodate the major shifts occurring in my life. But, I recently started digging into a new version of one of my stories, although I’m still unsure of its direction. It may not be the strongest piece in the collection of stories, but it certainly is worth exploring. I also drafted a synopsis for a novel. It still focuses on a doomed relationship between two kindred spirits, but it’s much more fantastical than my previous concept, which was grounded in the very real and dark nature of our conscious (or is it conscience… I’m too lazy to research it now). I’m eager to start penning a few pages, but I won’t rush since I have so much work to do as it is.

Another promising venture came to fruition! A month ago I was asked to contribute a 2k word article to $pread Magazine. Originally, I had the opportunity to interview notable pornographers who stray from normal conventions for the sake of producing meaningful and erotic movies. But, since the email was sent to a nearly defunct email account, I missed that chance. When I contacted an acquaintance from the magazine, he asked me to step in a write an article about alternative pornography. So, I slaved over it and sent it in before deadline! I’ll let you know when you can see it in print.

Also, if you need questions or advice on your sex life, then no need to watch Sex and the City! I recently got offered a paying position as a sex columnist for I literally just accepted the job this morning, so I’ll let you know when you can see me on the website. A sigh of relief, my friends, it does pay to write, to imagine, to put in the extra bit of effort to get exposure. Let’s hope these tiny successes span into something big, something amazing!

Check out Realms of the Unreal, a documentary by the talented Jessica Yu. Henry Darger had died a lonely old man, but when his landlords discover his epic novel about children heroes, they realize that their tenant lived a secret life filled with adventure and hope. Below is part 1 of the documentary. It’s narrated by Dakota Fanning and worth a watch.

Next time, I’ll discuss Erica Jong’s Witches and the writing life as usual.

Happy Easter!

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