Olga’s House of Shame


While back at CNR, I got a chance to watch Olga’s House of Shame with Belle and Laura. One scene said it all: Beautiful belly dancer shaking her glittering hips and sparkling tits for Olga’s amusement. Suddenly, it becomes a party. There are four girls seated around the room. They watch the belly dancer excite and arouse them with all of her assets. Next, they strip off some clothes and get comfortable. Suddenly, Olga returns and gets close to one of her fellow bad girls. She undresses her new friend as the rest gather to watch and take part in the beginnings of an all-cunt orgy. The last to join is the belly dancer, who slowly removes her costume (We’d been waiting all night to see her gorgeous breasts) and joins the other ladies. Hmmmm… Olga’s House of Shame….

What’s Olga’s House of Shame all about, you ask? Well, does it matter? There’s a lesbianonic orgy featuring a hot-to-trot belly dancer. If you’re into grindhouse flicks or very naughty chicks, then see the movie. Seriously. Stop reading this and see the movie right now!

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