Anticipation on Track


If I spoke
And I sat the way I’m sitting now
And I’m thinking these things out loud right now
Then maybe there’s nothing special about this moment after all

What misery lies in dissatisfaction
As it is bundled in a different kind of not-so-happiness
As it is, in fact, to be satisfied by none
So how to fatten the sow who waits so patiently
Embarking on some cruel abandonment of free will
To care for a crude creature amidst the bog and the muck
It doesn’t make any damn difference how much you toil
It wasnt good enough
Start over.

Tippity tap tap as the smoke churns in the distance
A hot air balloon of burned oil and fuel
Tippity tap tap all along the windowsill
And the distance draws near at an angry speed
Screeching endlessly and gurgling all the while
It whips ’round corner so solid and black
Where does it go to?
Where does it end?

…I wait so patiently.

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