So I listened to Mary Roach on the Sick and Wrong Podcast a couple of weeks ago. She was talking about her new book Bonk (I have yet to read Stiff but it’s on my list) and it sounds incredible. She interviews sex researchers from around the world on all sorts of nifty stuff. One very cool study that Roach learned about amidst her research was one that has shaken the very bedrock of sexual desire for many, many, many years AND may answer that age old question: Do women gain sexual pleasure from watching porn? Do both men and women view pornography differently? Is gender-specific porn effective?


Okay, three questions. Whatev.

According to the studies that Roach discusses in her book, both men and women achieve sexual gratfication from watching porn. And yes, men and women do view porn differently, though not in the traditional way we’re all used to, which means that gender-specific porn isn’t effective or relevant to begin with.

Let me explain.

In this study, both men and women viewed various types of porn and were physiologically tested by the amount of fluid produced, erections, and all of those other dead giveaways that indicate arousal. The men were turned on by porn that exclusively suited their own desires (ex. straight man = straight porn, gay men = gay porn, rim jobs = rim jobs). But, with women, studies indicated that they were turned on by everything they watched, though the women claim that only a few pieces of erotica actually aroused them.

I decided to try this experiment on myself (because I’m a budding scientist) to determine if the study is true, if I can get turned on by any sexual material that scrolls across my eyes.

When I was exposed to the following, this study proved to be super true:

-Boy on girl on a patio deck
-Girl on girl in a jacuzzi
-Boy on Boy on Boy in a treehouse
-Boy and Boy on Girl in a moving van
-Tranny boy on tranny boy in a snowstorm
-Girl on boy in an ice cream shop
-Man on man in a auto shop
-Girl on girl on girl at a slumber party
-Rim jobs
-Tickle Films
-Furry Fucking
-Electro erotica
-Boy on lamb
-Girl on bear
-National Geographic
-Robot on Robot
-Lovedoll on Barbie Doll
-Alien gangbang on girl and boy
-3-D anime with big tittied school girl
-Cat fights
-Bum fights
-Silence of the Lambs
-Lions attacking a frightened antelope
-Food fights
-Talk shows
-Sex scenes from any South Park episode
-Lap dances
-Belly Dancers
-Sword Swallowers
-Bearded Women
-Mr. Hands
-2 Girls 1 cup
-Jimi Hendrix playing the Nation’l Anthem
-Car wrecks
-Car chases
-Jack Bauer
-Finger paints
-Charlie Brown

and… funnily enough… baby powder

Remember, science does not lie.


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