Hold Me: Cannibal Holocaust Review

b000b5y0cs01_sclzzzzzzz_If you’ve never experienced the gut-wretching, decaying ghostly gory macabre that is Cannibal Holocaust, then I suggest you get a doggie bag, a crucifix and find sanctuary in the almighty…

…because it is awesome.

While consuming one’s flesh isn’t the picturesque vision of the holidays, it certainly helped in giving this time a sense of humor. I mean, it could be worse, right? I could be gang-raped by the Tree People of the Green Inferno, my head inevitably on top of a large wooden stick as a symbol of nature’s final “fuck you!” Somehow, I mustered up the proverbial balls to watch a good 3/4 of the flick just before bed (a glitch in my computer caused an unpredicted intermission, leaving me to contemplate the overtly explicit footage of violence in its many sexy elements).

These were my reactions:

I’m hungry…So, I appreciate greenery for smoking and supper. But, that is not to say that I have no love for flesh. It’s a fascination for the act of consuming meat that is partnered with both cannibalistic drive and overall power. I feel like its an instinct that is not inherent in my reasoning as a human being; however, since I choose to acknowledge that, this fascination becomes perverse… especially since I eat meat medium rare.

I’m horny…This is a bit of a controversial statement, especially for you feminist readers. I don’t care. The rape scenes in this film were horrific and the filmmakers took great measures to rid themselves of moral or ethical boundaries in order to shoot them. Again, there is this repulsion/fascination. As a young woman, I felt disturbed by what I saw. But, I continued to watch, not turning away for a second. On some level I was instantly aroused by the visual cues that are often associated with arousal: Nudity, penetration, sexual intercourse, etc. Then, on another level, there’s the “reality” of the situation: Rape is taking place and there is no consensual desire here. It is a violent power trip. But, the visual cue remains, and the aggression of the violator to the victim is also arousing. It was a mind-fuck, to say the least.

I want more…What’s great and smart about this film is that the story prepares the viewer of the violence that is about to come. Our diligent, bold professor wants to find four documentarians who disappeared in what is known as The Green Inferno. He travels to this deadly place and finally retrieves the film that exposes the cruelty of the filmmakers and what seems like their karmic demise. From the beginning to the end, I was waiting for these notorious scenes. Is it entertaining? What is it that draws me to the obscene as an active voyeur and neutral participant of a spectacle, a representation of something that possibly could happen…? I don’t know.

In any case, watching these type of movies puts me in an altered state. It’s closest to a depravity on the other side of a line that I can’t cross.

Quite cathardic, actually.

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