Crushing Kittens


The people of Hangzhou knew something was up when this mystery lady purchased a pair of stiletto heels on eBay. From what I can gather in the picture, they are the sort of metallic green stunners that you might find in the clearance rack at Fashion Bug, almost brand new and somewhat kitschy, if not for the kitten’s blood staining the heel.

I didn’t realize that animal crushing was such a fetishistic delicacy until I stumbled upon this sick story from China. In 2006, a woman (who was later identified as a nurse – Lord help her patients) was filmed slowly torturing a small kitten with her new shoes. While her cameraman remains remorseful, she’s apathetic about the entire thing. Describing it as “an experience”, she doesn’t understand how others could judge her. She’s most certainly a psychopath in that regard; however, one must wonder why in a country that has no animal cruelty laws is this suddenly an uproar amongst those who caught on to the story.

To describe the scenes in any other way as obscenely discomforting and heartbreaking is truly an understatement. The location shows green hills in the distance and the sun beaming down on our movie stars. Our sadist is dressed in a sophisticated cocktail dress, gently stroking a small kitten that curls under her grasp. She smiles and lies the kitten on the floor. Then, she buries her glistening heel into its belly and shows no signs of holding back. I stopped myself from watching the movie but continued to peruse through the silent images, hearing in my own mind the guttural cries that must rip through that small kitten’s mouth. If you could get over the sadness of these circumstances, you can tell that our sadist is enjoying herself. She continues to penetrate both eyes and mouth simultaneously with her shoes, until finally she destroys the head completely. While the whole thing shouldn’t have happened at all, I silently wished that our Angel of Death stomped on the cat’s head immediately, so that it wouldn’t have to endure such endless pain for our own perverse pleasure.


Mice, lizards, and other four-legged creatures are sacrificed for such pursuits. I have two cats of my own, so I instantly felt sad. But those feelings are always familiar… what remains in my mind is the nurse’s quote – “Who cares?” I wonder what it would be like to look at a kitten and feel nothing for a scrappy ball of flesh with eyes as soft as a wet gummi bear. But, isn’t that what we find so charming about cats to begin with. They’re cute. Cute cuddly things should never be tortured in such a fashion. But what about mice? My friend and I always wanted to erect a death cage, pitting our merciless cat against a confused little mouse and letting fate do its own dirty, shameless work. There have been times when I’ve stomped on a mouse or two (one of those sons a bitches carried fleas, which inevitably turned me into a pockmarked, itchy monster). Now, I wonder if it would have been more pleasurable for me if I wore my pair of “fuck-me” pumps while I laid that bastard to waste. I still hold a grudge.

Personal past aside, there are a few arguments that spring from this kitty-crushing “phenomena.” First, should this be considered animal cruelty? Why? If China did cite this as a heinous and punishable act, it’s obviously because a life was exploited and taken, sure. But, the deeper-and, thus, more troubling-flip of the coin on this issue is that the kitten was killed for the sake of pleasure and sexual gratification. So, essentially, we’re punishing our dangerous pursuit of pleasure. Is it the silent, erotic undertones of the act that makes this all the more sinister? Surely, I believe that if sex wasn’t introduced into the conversation, if we merely examined this from the angle of platonic entertainment, then, for one reason or another, it would become a different sort of violent act, one that possibly wouldn’t seem as heinous or as unusual. But, to regard this as a sexual fetish seems more evil, more sadistic.

One’s desire is never censored, nor should it be as long as its limited only to invisible confines of the imagination. If killing cats and painting the pavement with their brains is your thing, then who am I to judge? But, somewhere the rationale of the act has been disconnected, and in a country like China, which has no animal cruelty laws, one’s reason is only relevant to their geographical bearings. Bullfights in Spain are visited by locals and foreigners alike, all celebrating the torture and eventual sacrifice of a strong and beautiful animal whose wounded body still forces to breathe and survive under the circumstances (Although, to be fair, a bull can still brutalize its torturers, but ultimately never wins the fight). On our US soil, dog-fighting is still a past time for many contemporary Americans. And while we’ve chosen to change how we perceive violent acts of entertainment here, should we extend the same sort of justice overseas, to a culture that already suffers from its own sexual inhibitions?

I wonder how prevalent kitten crushing videos are in China, and if it’s become an epidemic or if we all got caught up on one little kitty’s misfortunes. I recently discovered an exciting debate on the subject here that is worth a look. Both pros and cons are argued passionately and opens up a can of worms that I would gladly crush any day of the week.

    • Leah
    • October 13th, 2009

    I liked your article.
    And although I like to think deeply about such matters, come on….Do you REALLY have to question if it’s animal cruelty here?
    I hope that pompous, ugly, wanna-be a cardboard porn cut-out bitch will end up being slowly crushed to death in another world.
    Personally, I would force her between a huge slab and some wire mesh…..
    I know anger doesn’t help, and in the long run my disgust and antipathy towards people like her and the idiot filming doesn’t even matter, but I can’t help it but to force my opinion out there, onto everyone else.
    It’s just the human in me i guess.

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