Flash Flood


Today, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was on ecstasy. Of course, at work, amidst the sporadic ringing of the phone and ever constant buzzing of the computer as it performs another task, I was all business… diligently jotting down notes and nodding at the next set of duties I must tackle. Mondays are Mondays, no matter how you paint them. The whole world can be colorless and absolutely dreadful… if you let it get to you.

It’s pompous, I know, but the sensation of floating above the rest of the world makes it easier for me to not get depressed anymore. Nowadays, I’m flying higher than usual. I listen to The Flaming Lips, and I imagine a black ocean of bubbles and wave-swept foam. I listen to Frog Eyes and suddenly my entire life is underwater. I am amphibious. I transform into another species. Or, a most accurate portrait of the scene is that I hear the rumble of an oncoming tide… higher than the Chrysler Building. It sparkles and violently undulates underneath the dimming sunlight as it swallows the streets whole. It eats all of the people, pushes down glass establishments, rips happy trees up from its roots and embarks on a glorious mayhem. I hope it catches me in its slippery arms… and I hope it fills my lungs with its watery absolution. I love it.

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