If I Were Death


If I had my way, I would like to be death
I would like to see my sieve to every soul that beckons me near
And oh the woe will never shake Me
Because human frailty has fallen away from my white
Bone and Flesh
Nothing but dust
I’ll be no more than a breeze

Ubiquitous and indifferent by nature
This is how I shall take you out
Just a breeze
A Soft chill
I’d wear transparency on my breast
Filled with nothingness
Yet existential through and through
For Death completes all things
It balances the war between beast and man
Man and man Beast and beast
The arrogants are the first to go
The next are the sick and the weak
Then all the rest
For those of great sin are truly blessed
To feel my sensations run down their spine
A quick cough
And a bit shaken

What to make of those wanting to be by my side
Despaired and unspoken for
Wanting to be
Alongside a breeze
A soft chill
Maybe these are the precious ones
Who are overseers of our pain
Angelic and weak
And yet strong enough to look Me in the face
Defy their mortality
And become one with nothing
Well, let them
Maybe they’ll be like me
A careless breeze
A soft chill….


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