No Lullabies

image0071The little girl’s off to bed
Hungry and upset
She rests upon my head like this
And offers nothing but soft whines and meager grunts
She’s cried herself to sleep
As I would hope it to be
Tomorrow morning, as I rise I’ll see that
not to my surprise
This little girl will be no more
She’ll cut off her locks
She’ll sell her innocence
She’ll trade in her skin too
She’ll slice off her sex and say goodbye
Animate and objectified
She is a being of the purest light
Not some little girl to whom I sang goodnight

Part of her heart will be missing too
She’ll slice at it with intention
Like a butcher to his sustenance
She’ll make room in her chest
She’ll do away with the flesh
That cold cunning thing
She’ll do away with it
And with you and me too
She’ll want weapons that sing
That shine and gleam
She’ll want to see the world fall apart
She’ll want to see us suffer for just
an ounce of liberty
So cruel
Her armor flexed
Her ears alert
Sharp as a bird
But no song can ever be sung from the
Fresh lips of our sweetest daughter
For that woman has a way with the earth
She’ll prepare for night to fall
She’ll come to us in the dead of the dark
As we sleep and pray for her soul to be blessed
She’s coming for us
Eyes widened
Lips bathing in her sweetest bliss
And cut us short
Our candles blown
And we’ll remain still with the rest of the world…
No, you won’t hear her muffled cries
You won’t hear the pitter patter of her softest soles
You won’t see the tenderness in that white halo of her eye
Don’t try and find her
Don’t try for salvation
No redemption awaits her heart
She’s steadfast and strong now
She’ll make an enemy of us all
She’ll make an enemy of us all

Don’t you touch her
and don’t you taunt
Don’t you sing her no sweet tune
Don’t you feed her sympathy
Or intimate whispers
Or even survey her with a sensitivity
She’s stripped away the last of her decency
And all that remains
Is a beast in the forest
Dense and wild
Roaming free
Unleashed upon our man
A mourned melody
A haunting goodbye
A doomed ending for us all.

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