On Politics

mahmoud-ahmadinejadIt is in my nature to discuss the plight of American politics now and then with my friends and co-workers. But I noticed that I had rarely done so here in this blog. So, I think I should start now.

As I waited for dance class to commence, I sat in the hallway with two young women who were discussing the state of the American government. This mainly involved the theories of Nostradamus, who foretold prophetic tragedies like Sept 11th and the war. One woman went on to say that the events of September 11th were already ominously mentioned in the scriptures of the bible…

…Are you kidding me? Do people really still believe in these prophecies? Well, they do.. and that’s the reason why prophecies are effective… it doesn’t take too much for them to come true, as long as there is a reason to believe in them. There are plenty of tragedies that happened on September 11th that we may not know about, but these events are not as meaningful or as significant to us… what if the prophecies spoke of those tragedies instead? Who knows…

…Now, people are going to hate me for saying this…, but I don’t care. I’m sick to death about this 9/11 post-depressive period we’re going through. What encourages this mood of utter anger, frustration, and constant mourning is the fact that it’s still unresolved; there is no closure or retribution for American citizens to share on a national level. Osama Bin Laden is still carrying out messages to his people and our government seems adrift into other areas of focus. There’s still a fuss over what to do with the space where the buildings once stood-what madness. Let’s stop to consider what we are really using our soldiers for, as I believe we get caught up in the entanglements of the president’s half-truths and manipulations…

…What a week for political views! I’m just astounded and amazed by the baffoon-like antics of protesters and demonstrators who truly have a vague definition as to what opinions they uphold about our government, and I feel we are living in an age of selling out for fear’s sake, despite one’s own dignity. The arrival of Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a beaming example of how poorly we represented our country. Firstly, the reason he came to the US was to discuss the state of nuclear power and other goings on at the U.N.-then he was ASKED by Columbia University to address students and faculty. Why are we treating him as if he invaded our soil, ready to conquer our territory? We’re exhausting our patriotic efforts over an understated visitation that could signal a change, if not, progression in understanding political rule in foreign countries, whether we think these beliefs are ethical or not. But, because Columbia was scared in losing Alumni money, it treated this unique engagement as a public bashing more so than a forum to exchange ideas. It’s so funny, because one Columbia professor (I believe) commented on the irony of an establishment of free-thinking, liberal intellectuals letting this man speak in their auditorium… I’m sorry, but aren’t liberal intellectuals supposed to explore, question, and remain knowledgeable in all aspects of thought, beliefs, and ideas-even if these thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are in conflict with our own? Free exchange of ideas, my ass. And let’s not forget what our Government is capable of and what our Government has done that is considered unethical and immoral in the eyes of not only other countries, but our own country as well.

Anyway, he held up quite well and made relevant points during the address that impressed me and I’m sure impressed those who listened. You should certainly watch it for yourself.

I’m very diplomatic, and this often gets me in trouble. But, I believe as intelligent Americans, our actions, words, and knowledge about other countries need to be broadened in order to find resolutions and conversations where bloodshed once existed. The willing and requested appearance of the Iranian president could have been a step in this direction.

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