That’s So Gay…

So, I read this yesterday on MSNBC.COM and thought it was downright absurd.

That’s So Gay Prompts a Lawsuit

I don’t understand how a lawsuit against a teenager for saying a phrase that is thrown around quite often can establish any type of reflection on tolerance. First off, her statement wasn’t directed to anyone. Secondly, let’s remember that spoke up for herself in defense of the ridicule that came from her other roommates. I wonder if the school spoke to the other classmates about accepting one’s religious lifestyle. I understand that the lawsuit was prompted out of fear of another hate-related incident; but c’mon. It’s way too overboard and completely misses the point entirely. Words are pretty powerful, and to say they have no effectual meaning on anyone they’re directed to is completely naive. But, this also needs to be taken into context. How are we ever going to open up a discussion about hateful words and their usages when all you need is a quick retribution that is financially satisfying?

What a bunch of fuckheads.

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