Trans-Racial Adoption


Yes, if a white family is financially, emotionally, and mentally stable enough to take care of any child, then they should have the opportunity to raise a black child without a fucking certificate to prove that they can! There, I ended the argument. You can go back to what you are doing.

So, I found this article on CNN entitled Do Whites Need Training Before Parenting Black Children. The article details the debate over policy changes for potential parents who would like to adopt black children. A report from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute provides specific regulations and requirements for foster parents in preparation for taking care of children of color. Those endorsing the report are pushing for training programs that provide white parents-to-be with enough resources to take care of black foster children. On the other side of the bill are social workers and child advocates who believe that “color-consciousness” policies will only make an already complicated process even more difficult for those who really want to help children. The article may need a bit more research, as it summarizes the basic arguments and gives only a few statistics.

Personally, I disagree that such rigid training programs are necessary or even work for white parents. Here’s why:

1) Color-Blind: Those supporting the training programs believe in color-consciousness rather than color-blindness, which is an arbitrary term used to indicate someone who doesn’t see race, only the person. Why is the term arbitrary? Because, in order for one to actually be color-blind, you would have the to admit the following:
a) There is such a thing as race -and-
b) I choose to ignore it.
By claiming ‘a’, you pretty much negate colorblindness altogether. In America, there is no room for colorblindness. One way or another, one is fully aware of not only the color of one’s skin, but its significance in our daily interactions, our lifestyle, etc. And that’s okay! Don’t we know that denial doesn’t solve anything? I’m sure that someone who chooses to adopt a child from another race is smart enough to understand that as well. Shouldn’t that person who gives enough of a fuck to adopt have the choice to deal with it anyway s/he chooses? Shit!

2) In-Race Adoption: The statistics in this article tell us that an overwhelming number of children that are stuck in foster care are black. The majority of parents that want to adopt are white. Why aren’t more black adults filing for adoption services? Well, a number of reasons can point to the problem. Money, lack of resources, poor parenting record, etc. Some who agree with the policies also see a viable resource within the family as potential caregivers to the neglected child. I agree! If there are unbiased family members that the child feels safe with and can provide the child with all necessary resources, then the child should go with the family. However, if the adoption system was forced to reject a healthy caring and financially stable candidates over the color of our skin, then are we really determining what’s best for the child, or what’s best for the cause? (I have my reasons but this would get too word-y and too rant-y)

Since this is already a race issue, we tend to discount the number of whites who are also ineligible to adopt, or simply choose not to adopt because they have hungry mouths to feed and take care of as well. We also forget about trans-racial adoption in the form of Hispanics, Asians, Eastern-European children, etc. It is up to these child welfare programs to determine the best parents for their children. If the numbers are correct and there is a high number of black children looking for a home, doesn’t a strict policy based on race only deterring white families, or any families for that matter, from choosing those children?

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