Resuscitate me…

I believe in the power of salvation
So touch me with a tarnished temptation
I bet that you believe it too
Take your hands and press them into my chest
For my skin’s gone pale and I am short of breath

And my secret explosions
Need to be put to rest

Hesitate me…

I believe in a sharp-edged resistance
Icy cold teeth and an iron-willed existence
Please say that you believe it too…
Barricade me and bring me my coat of armor
For my legs are unforgiving; my spread is much too sweet

And all my little cannibals
Need something warm to eat

Illuminate me…

I believe in a healthy religion
Knees to the floor, I’ll recite your sorrows
Don’t you want me to believe in you?
Lay your body down like a temple
For my faith needs to be restored, my demons need to be healed

And the path to our redemption
Is one that only you can reveal

Contaminate me…

I believe in an unfettered passion
Tongue to flesh in an embittered madness
You know you want to believe it
You probably do when no one else is watching
I believe in a chaotic romance
Kill-me-with-your-lips-and-let’s-die when the sun breaks
You can taste my morning after and I can drink your heartache
Like an honest bit of liquor
It feels so sweet.

So lay me down like rain
Unyielding to your windowpane
And I’ll open up for you

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