Vulture Vomit


No one wants to deal with a disease-ridden carcass. It’s a waste to the animal kingdom, well, except for vultures. To them, meat is meat, and to waste a fresh new corpse would be ridiculous. The dry feathers on their wings shake violently as they plunge towards their supper. Each one of them gets a piece of the beast, who was defeated by the unfair particulars of nature, only to have its dead body pecked at and torn to pieces. In this hypothetical case, the animal may have been struck by some disease, or his flesh rotted after countless days in the sun (would the flesh be dry like beef jerky, I wonder). Regardless, the vultures needn’t worry about that, for they have the advantages of flying away without the chances of inevitable illness. When eating the meat, they can sense what is fresh and what is not. In order to dispel the bad meat, vultures regurgitate. While the rest of the mammal is consumed, its infected flesh is left behind in a pool of half-digested liquid.

On another disgusting note, vultures are not above being the unwilling prey to a more aggressive or larger animal. In such cases, the vulture pukes into the eyes of the predator, creating enough of a diversion to escape.

This is what I’m learning…

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