Sexting Can Lead to a Very Bad ABC After School Special

vanessa hudgens

Okay, well that’s not true. But, the latest trend in having pre-marital “sex” without defining it as such has gotten adults, old people, Christians, Conservatives, women, and other well-known rivals of doin’ it very, very angry.

In this article from Reuters, teens are warned that sexting (sex + texting = arthritic fingers) can lead to desperate moments of regret and shame later on down the road.

1 in 5 teens are lying spread eagle on their mom’s beds and taking provocative photos on their T-Mobile Sidekicks and sexting them to as many other horny teens as possible, according to recent reports. This new phenomenon has been further entrenched in controversy when 18 year old Jessica Logan committed suicide after a nude photo of her was passed around her high school. There have even been references to poor lil’ Miss Vanessa Hudgens who was caught with her panties off (and the bush still intact) via photos exchanged on the web. To me, it’s a celebrity’s rite of passage; to the rest of America, it’s child pornography.


*Gasp* Did someone say child pornography? Yes, someone did – the law! To further scare teenagers straight, lawmakers are strengthening their tough love around the explicit photographs and sexual material that teenagers or, in this case, innocent children have been creating and distributing to other innocent children. That same explicit material is still deemed child pornography under the eyes of the court and anyone in possession of this filthy (and not in a good way) smut can face jail time… and this includes the young ones themselves. To make matters even more complicated, although minors can face minimal jail time because their underaged, they will remain on the books as registered sex offenders. So, essentially, if that creepy old guy took pictures of Lil’ Suzy undressing and was caught with the photos on his computer, then he’s a sex offender. But if Lil’ Suzy took explicit pictures of herself and sent it to Lil’ Johnny, both Suzy and Johnny are sex offenders too.

According to law, teenagers who produce and distribute their own brand of sexuality are just as perverse and deviant as the predators who prey upon, manipulate, and exploit their victims. This really turns sex crimes on its head. Not only are we trying to take sexual rights and freedoms away from teens, but we’re legally comparing them to the perpetual monsters who we’ve taught them to always look out for. One can make the argument that child pornography is child pornography, and everyone must be punished justly in order for justice to serve its purpose. But, now, a new ethical question has come into play: What happens when “children” (pretty much anyone between infancy and 17 years old) have the means to distribute their own pornography?


The definitions and pre-conceived notions of what we thought of child pornography has changed. It no longer bears a weighty signficance because the subjects are exploited; because of this new sexting trend, anything that hints at underage sexuality is an object of punishment and shame. Of course there are undeniable repercussions when someone posts naked pictures of themselves on the Internet, and obviously the repercussions are much worse if young ones are involved. But, we can’t deny the consequences (or, at least, the inevitable vicious cycle therein) of continually damning our own children for sexual exploration… sure, call me a hippie, but sentencing a teen to jailtime because she decided to send sexy pictures to her boyfriend is secretly signaling at the shame she should feel for trying to enjoy sex in the first place.

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