AFN’s Road to Kink Presents… Animal Reduction: Plushies, Furries, and Human Ponies


Kicking off our tour through Kinksville, let’s start at the Zoo! No worries, my friends, we will not be feeding any real four-legged creatures in this village… (yet). Instead, we are going to visit those who fetishize about the anthropomorphism of animals through artwork, costumes, and intense role play. Here, we’re going to undress the mystery and fun that comes with being a furvert!

Here are some of the most important facts you need to know about furry/plushie/pony play.

Not all furverts, plushophiles, or human ponies are into bestiality (sex with real animals). Zoophiles and plushophiles or zootaphiles (those aroused by fursuits) are not interchangeable terms!

Oh – I think I just coughed up a hairball.

You know you’re a furvert if you’re into…

-Furry Sex: Someone who is aroused by animals with humanistic features. The origins of furry fantasies stem from the sci-fi genre. With the proliferation of comics and manga featuring rugged, sexy, anthropomorphic characters in tight costumes, readers have used these pictures as pin-ups and masturbatory fodder for their own fantasies. Since half-human half-animals do not exist (yet), furverts can get their freak on through comic books, artwork, and websites such as Pleasure Bon Bon, which features both the cutest and sluttiest animals in frilly, low cut dresses. Take it one step further and buy your own fursuit! Furry conventions have spawned all across this U.S of A; however, some furry conventions can be considered harmless and platonic, while others may involve furverts going 1-on-1 (or more) in what is normally called yiffy sex. Check out FurNation andYiffstar for more furverted support from other furverts (furvert is an awesome word so I’m using it as much as possible here)

-Plushies/Plushophile: In this case, one is attracted to the feel of or stuffed animals. If you were on a date with a plushophile, you would want to bring this unique little pervert to the carnival and win them a huge teddy bear. Oh yes, then you know you’ll get laid that night, if you don’t mind having the bear join in every now and then. There are cases when plushophiles will own a fursuit or get their lover to wear it, simply because they enjoy the feel of felt or suede between their legs. Plushie sex generally involves rubbing up against a stuffed animal or straddling a stuffed animal until orgasm is reached or satisfaction is accomplished. Check out FoxWolfie’s website, which provides a detailed portrayal on plushie love.

Ponies/Ponyplay: Also known as ponyism, this fetish uses the same concept as furry sex, but is mostly BDSM-related because of the element of power exchange involved. In this fantasy farm, men and women take delight in adorning themselves in pony gear and having their master or mistress ride them through the ever-changing countryside. While human horses are not in full costume, equipment similar to what one may use when horseback riding is often present – including a saddle, bridle, and rubber gag. There are stables for human studs, stallions, and ponies where they hang with others and possibly earn sugar cubes based on good behavior. Other fetishes similar to this one include pup-play and worm or snake play; however, pony play is one of the most prevalent. Plus, unlike pup and worm play, pony-play allows for piggy back rides. And who doesn’t like a good piggy back ride?

For more on Pony play, check out Pony Play Lives Here and Pony Play Ranch.

Introducing these fun kinks in the bedroom can be loads of fun for partners willing to play in all sorts of ways. Here are some tips to get the creative juices flowing:

For furry sex enthusiasts… Remember, this is a fun fetish. So, don’t be too offended if your partner laughs in your face. That’s a better sign than someone who gives you the mean eye and goes running off to the hills (would you want to f*ck someone like that anyway? Of course not). You can start off slow and peruse some furry art together. Or, make it casual and slip in an Thundercats DVD. Eventually, you’ll be able to bust out your Class of ’03 Mascot Uniform… and s/he’ll be totally into it.

For plushies… What better way to make your lover moan than to take a glove made out of felt or some furry material and rub it all over his or her body? You can move that furry goodness to other parts of your body as well. Why not furry underwear or furry socks for your feet…? Well, that just sounds comfy to me more so than sexy. But, whatever! Or, surprise your partner with a life-sized teddy that can keep him or her extra warm at night. Just don’t get too jealous.

For pony-play enthusiasts… Are you a young pony in need of a good master or mistress? Then, hop on all fours and show your lover that being reduced to a farm animal is what you need. Or, if you’re the type who needs a good ride before bedtime, then persuade your partner that if s/he does what you want… carrots are not the only treat they’ll receive. Those with back or knee pains should proceed with caution!

So, there you have it! We still haven’t touched upon the myriad of kinky sub-categories that fall under this fetish (sorry texturephiles, maybe next time). But, surfing the Internet will get you better acquainted with the wide array of fun you can have with fur! Isn’t it nice to learn something new about the underbelly of sexual desire.. an underbelly that purrs upon touch? Next time, we’ll take a darker look at animal love.

Nothing says sexy like a beheaded chicken!

Til’ Next Time!


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