AFN’s Road to Kink Presents… A Darker Sort of Love: Animal Crushing, Strangling, and the Like

bug crush

Last week, We dove head first into animal transformation by exploring three popular types of fetishes: furry (or yiffy) sex, plushophilia, and pony play. This week we’re digging a little deeper into fetishes that do not take pleasure in mimicking animal activity, but rather, achieve sexual pleasure through cruel and unusual acts expressed upon animals. I implore you to put your DisneyWorld ideals about cute cuddly creatures aside, and learn a little bit more about zoosadism and the many elements therein. questionnaire

What is zoosadism, you might ask? Quite simply put, zoosadism refers to an individual who is aroused by torturing or killing animals. This is unlike zoophiles, who believe that they do not harm or inflict pain upon animals. It is the opposite: They not only experience sexual pleasure from other animals but possess a deep affection and sincere love for them as well. In the documentary Zoo, one zoophile challenges the viewer’s (and, perhaps, the filmmaker’s) perception of abuse by asking if they ever seen his horses in poor condition, with signs of duress or pain. On the contrary, the horses discovered in his secluded nest were all in excellent condition. Here, however, I specifically refer to those who are not sexual with the animal; they use the pain and suffering (mostly visual pain) to ellicit arousal.

Studies have found a link between sexual arousal and animal cruelty in murderers, sadists, and serial killers at a young age. The old joke is that if your kid’s into drowning kittens and hanging puppies by their necks, then he is a serial killer in the making. Well, 9 out of 10 times, it’s most likely true.  Jeffrey Dahmer and Henry Lee Lucas were among those who, in their youth, tortured and maimed neighborhood cats and dogs. The roots of this behavior sometimes stem from severe child abuse or an intense trauma.


Horse-Ripping and chicken-beheading are among the fetishes that aren’t as well-known or publicized as others. The chicken-beheading fetish is said to involve sexual pleasure from wringing a chicken’s neck or cutting the head off completely. Whether or not enjoyment is discovered when watching the chicken’s blood-spurting body run around the coop is unknown. I personally haven’t seen any videos nor heard any solid reports on the subject. So, it could practically be a myth. There are reports, especially amongst young offenders, of horse-ripping. This is when the sadist mutilates the horse’s genitals or cuts them off completely. The play Equus (a recent NYC production featured Daniel Radcliffe) puts a spotlight on a similar incident as a young boy speaks to his therapist about why he drives an iron spike through the eyes of six horses. In England and Germany, psychiatrists linked incidents of horse-ripping to pedophilia, as a horse or pony is usually a target of love and affection for a young child.


Widely known reports of zoosadism have gained popularity on the Internet. If you remember, last month I wrote about a kitten-crushing nurse in China. Pictures and video were released onto the Web, which not only shifted political and ethical attention to this taboo fetish, but also helped capture the model featured in the tape as well as the cameraman. While our performer feels indifferently about her actions, the performer, or crusher, isn’t normally the one who is aroused by them. Animal crushing is a voyeuristic pleasure, as noted by the release of crushing videos (mainly in China) as well as filmmakers who cater to creating and distributing these semi-snuff films. In them, an attractive young woman is wearing a pair of sophisticated heels. She is seen stepping on a small animal – insect, mouse, kitten, or puppy – until it is finally crushed to death. Squish and In Step are magazines that feature models crushing insects.

The legal ramnifications are still muddled, as some countries ban the distribution of any material featuring animal cruelty while others turn the other cheek. The U.S. prohibits such a fetish to flourish or gain the sort of notoriety it has in other countries. While I would normally discuss ways of introducing fetishes and fantasies into the bedroom, this is one that I won’t encourage.

So, where do we go from here? Our dangerous sexual fantasies will continue onward to human beings who haven’t a say in the role they play. From sleepy-time sex to incest, we’ll look at how non-consenting sex becomes a hot element in many people’s imaginations.

Til Next time.

    • Nikki
    • June 18th, 2009

    that is seriously sick, how could anyone even find someone willing to do that for their pleasure.

    • Sky
    • November 22nd, 2009

    Honestly, zoosadism is one of the most disgusting and disturbing things I have ever heard of. I didn’t realize how revolting some people really are.

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