AFN’s Road to Kink Presents… Body Growth: Feeders, Gainers, and Giantesses

Happy Post-Memorial Day, Everyone! Sorry for such a long delay! You might be reading this after the 4-day weekend, still buzzing from the unsuspecting sunny weather and the first real welcome to the glorious summer. This season is always hot, wet, and sleazy in NYC… much like this particular blog posting, which is a favorite among you readers. So, thanks! This week I wanted to take a break from kitten crushing and other animal antics. Remember last week when I spoke about bug crushing – that tasty little phenomenon celebrated in Europe and Asia? Well, something I learned is that bug-crushing fetishists enjoy something so small and helpless be annihilated by a gargantuan woman (in comparison). Other fetishes also rely on growth to stimulate their own desires.

Giantess fetish, otherwise known as Macrophilia, is one that involves, well,  giants of course. The object of desire is commonly a woman who grows to enormous lengths, ripping off her normal-sized clothes in the instance. Other fantasies could include other people being shrunken down to a smaller size, making the object of desire look larger in comparison. Films like Attack of the 50-FT. Woman or Honey, I shrunk the Kids may cater to a part of you that wants to super-size your sex. And, as points out, the sheer dominance of a large woman evokes a breakthrough ot the frail-looking and fragile nymphet that’s mostly celebrated. Here, the dominance is physically displayed!

Gainers are part of a larger subculture in fat fetishism. This term refers to those who aim to gain weight by feeding themselves. Gainer and feedee are most often used interchangeably, although one difference may be that feedees may enjoy being fed by feeders. Feeders are aroused by serving a gainer (or feedee) food and watch their partner gain weight. There are many other participants in this community who may encourage others to gain weight. One particularly fun activity is stuffing. The gainer or feedee is fed until their bellies are bloated. This act could also be titilating to a maiesiophile, one who is aroused by the appearance of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there are no 600-FT tall amazons on a murderous rampage in America, or else giant fetishists would be living in paradise. However, creativity and technology somehow birthed out materials of all kinds that can easily stimulate a big fan of big women. GiantessGirls and GiantessIsland feature beautiful women the size of Chrysler buildings. Erotic literature, movies, and magazines cultivate this fantasy.

Fat fetishism presents a double-standard. While it celebrates body image, some might perceive it as a negative objectification of one’s weight, and also encourages unhealthy weight gain. But, to indulge every now and then can’t be a bad thing. If I had someone feeding me Haagan-Daas until I puked, then I wouldn’t say I had a bad night.

What I love most is the absurdity of these fetishes. But, that’s what makes them fun! Of course, certain fantasies are taken more seriously than others. They might require costumes, scripts, and props. Others… well, what do you have in your fridge? Next time, we’ll explore all of the gooey, messy, wet fun we can have!


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