Is this the Infamous Carradine Photo?

See for yourself. Brought to you by Liveleakdavid

As many others have claimed, photos were taken of the body in Thailand and published in the Thai papers with his head completey dressed in a wig. But, here, what you should also notice is that the alleged David Carradine in this particular image is wearing a pair of fishnet stockings. On the bed is red lingerie, which is consistent to the reports coming in from TMZ and The Post Chronicle, which has also published a copy of this photo.

The Carradine family is standing by the homicide theory; although, according to other sources, ex-wife, Marina Anderson, have come forward to address David’s hidden fetishes. Quite honetly, my bet is that if David was truly not alone, he may have purchased the company of a Thai hooker to help him in this service. Once he choked to death, the prostitute may have fled. However, that’s a flimsy assumption.

Autopsy photos also have appeared in the public eye, as a tattoo on the corpse that it is indeed Carradine on the slab.

The Globe and Mail recently asked why the Thai press (as well as those in the US) tarnished Carradine’s good name. Why did it have to release such scathing information about this talented and deeply moving actor? I say for two reasons: 1) Because they can and 2) Because the man enjoyed deviant sexual behavior. Unfortunately, our society has a tendency to villify others for their unconventional tastes. Essentially, the media isn’t dragging Carradine’s legacy through the mud. Carradine may have been into autoerotic asphyxiation. And it was because of his sexual behavior that he died.

Quite honestly, who isn’t interested in the sex lives of celebrities? If we had discovered Carradine’s fetish through a prostitute, then we would still be curious, obsessed with what goes on behind closed doors. And that’s because we rarely hear about what really turns other celebrities on. Do you think Brad Pitt is going to divulge his crossdressing adventures? We can all hold our breath to hear about Michelle spanking Barack in the oval office. Maybe these figures are extremely vanilla, but we’ll never know.

I don’t mind that David Carradine’s into auto erotic asphyxiation. I don’t think it makes him any less of a man or diminishes his dignity. What makes this all fucked up is that he’s dead, so he’ll never be able to explain to us what exactly happened in that hotel room in Thailand. All we have is a photo of him mid-jerk, and his films.

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