Awkward Sex with Chastity Bono

Dear Chastity,

Chastity, Chastity, Chastity… makes alot of sense, doesn’t it? I find myself asking aloud why you hadn’t made the decision before? It just seems so fitting for you, so right… like when I upgrade my cell phone. It has more features, more applications… it’s just better. So, kudos to you, darlin’, for taking the leap into the transgenderism.

Not only are you making some serious changes… all of America will have to switch its pronouns and call you sir instead of madam or ma’am. Not that I mind. Besides, this seemed to be a choice that you meditated on deeply, as described in this article from The Daily News. What I love about transgenderism is that it continuously redefines the concept of gender and sexuality. If you’re Chaz, but have yet to perform the operation, does that mean you’re still a lesbian? What if you choose to remain a pre-opt, but continue to live your life as a he instead of a she? A better question is… does it even matter? Why stifle your own progression for the sake of niceties, for the sake of making it easier for everyone else to define who you are? Fuck ’em, Chaz. Fuck ’em!

I commend you for being so outspoken and confident about embracing and pursuing your new, no, better identity. We’ve seen others come into the spotlight, such as Christine Jorgensen had a glamorous transformation; Amanda LePore epitomizes the breakthrough of gender identity with her outrageously fabulous image; Buck Angel, too, broke through the gender barriers when he chose to have a complete F-To-M operation… for the exception of a penis. Instead, he chose to keep his pussy and have boys of every sexual creed aroused… confused, but definitely aroused.

Chaz Bono, sex with you is never awkward. Let’s just hope your mummy comes around!

<3 Chris

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