AFN’S Road to Kink: Better Out than In Pt. One – Blood Play


Feeling a bit thirsty? Do you desire something special, darker, and deliciously sinful? Well, in light of the recent vampire craze, I don’t blame you. Not only has Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyer re-awakened the most sensual of all supernatural beasts, but they have also brought blood play into the forefront of the sexual landscape. This week’s Road to Kink is all about blood. We’re going to sink our teeth deep into the various ways blood is used to heighten the sexual experience. So, grab a few band-aids. You’re going to need them.

Bloodlust. Bloodsport. Bloodplay – some fetishists enjoy watching the deep crimson red spill from a wound or cut. Others are fascinated by its taste, smell, or consistency. Some even believe that the substance has magical and deeply spiritual properties. Because of the nature of this particular fetish, it’s normally classified under edgeplay – a BDSM term used to describe dangerous kinks. Anyone who chooses to exercise their lust for blood should know of the various factors that make this fetish dangerous. For those who choose to cut themselves or have someone cut them, you should avoid diets or veganism, as anemia may set in. Also realize that it takes over 4 weeks for a pint of blood to regenerate in your body, which is a pretty long time if you ask me. So, if you’re drawing blood for the first time, don’t overdo it. For those who like to drink blood, remember that there are a number of fatal diseases that are blood-borne. Make sure you and your partner are tested.


Bloodletting is the act of drawing blood from the body. It isn’t completely synonymous with blood-drinking because it may focus more so on pain than on the blood itself. Bloodletting  is normally performed by making slight cuts into the skin. Instruments that are used are sterilized razor blades or scalpels. The desired area of the flesh is wiped down with alcohol in order to kill bacteria. Then, the incision is made. Both parties can watch the blood spill over the skin, or one of them can suck the blood from the wound when it reaches the surface. Pierceplay is usually a part of this scene, although the players normally enjoy the act of piercing or the feeling of being pierced.

Blood-drinkers would hate to waste a drop of blood; they prefer to suck from their donors and enjoy the sweet taste of the substance. The same approach for blood-letting is used here, although they may prefer to bite or scratch their partner instead of using objects. But, don’t be fooled: Blood-drinking doesn’t always need to involve another person and is not always the same as vampirism. Anyone could delightfully drink their own blood without inflicting serious harm to themselves or another. However, there are others who take the sacred and, possibly, necessary act of blood-drinking to another level. Human-Living Vampires (HLVs) are usually divided into two subcultures: Sanguinarians and Psychic vampires.

Psychic vampires feed off of the energy of another through various practices. Some prefer blood-drinking, although, as this Psi-Vampire Resource proclaims, blood is not a necessity or an exclusive approach to taking someone’s energy. Sanguinarians, however, enjoy blood not only for its taste but because they need to. They are completely unlike vampire lifestylists, who choose to live as a vampire and assimilate to the gothic lifestyle. Uh-uh, these people are for real. There are also many support groups on the Internet who can help other sanguinarians, or sang-vamps, in need of direction. Other sites, like Dripping Blood and, also provide resources, such as the nutritious quality of blood, proper care for this life-saving liquid, as well as legal stipulations for seeking “donors” (those who will happily provide their own blood for you). What’s also significant to remember is that they’re not your typical True Blood vampire: They don’t burn up in the face of sunlight and they are not endowed with the gift (or curse) of immortality. They’re just like you and me… the only difference is that they need our blood :)


Let us not forget the most important blood of all (At least in my eyes): Menstrual blood. There exists a small community of websites and groups who have a taste for this desired elixir (remember: It comes only once a month). Unfortunately, facts and information about the menstruation fetish are scattered around the Internet, with plenty of opinion-based websites dedicated to determining if having a taste for period blood is icky or arousing. There are a few diamonds in the rough that earnestly aim to explain and explore period fetishes. Tasty Trixie offers a very sensual and entertaining look at her own menstrual cycles on her period-porn website. Menstruation Fetish also features models who expose their tampons and maxi-pads for your viewing pleasure. For Menses-freaks, the act of tasting menstrual blood is similar to the creed of sanguinarians, blood, of course, is a mystical substance. But, in this case, this “sub” fetish encompasses a feminist form of worship because menstrual blood symbolizes fertility, and blood itself is the juice of life. The article “Blood Lust” written by Dan Kapelovitz interviews several people who crave the taste of menstrual blood and their reasons why:

PlanetDweller thinks that a preference for period sex may also have to do with evolutionary biology. ‘Without periods, there would be no fertility, and without fertility, there would be no continuation of the human species; so I think a lot of times this so-called fetish is driven more by a deeply subconscious and primal assessment of potential fertility in a mate than something overtly and consciously sexual.’ —

Many of the interviewees also claim that menstrual sex is a wonderful solution to relieving cramps and PMS, which makes sense, doesn’t it? Is there a better way to cure your pre-menstrual temper than with a fun, blood-infested fuck?

Oh, there’s so much to say about Blood Fetishism that I just want to burst! Personally, I believe that one way or another we all have a blood fetish. There’s something so sensual, so devilish about licking a wound, observing the blood spatter in a horror film, or even consuming a glass of red wine and fantasizing that its origins came from your lover (maybe that’s just me). History is filled with famous blood fetishists, such as Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler, both of which were a little too crazy for the stuff. Religious folklore speaks of our first vampire goddess, Lilith. Several cultures have dictated the use of blood consumption for ritual. The list goes on and on! But, if you’re still timid about taking a razorblade to your lover, then I don’t blame you. Take a trip to the nearest costume shop and buy yourself a bottle of fake blood. You can have loads of fun with that.

Whew, and this is only Part One of Better Out than In. That means we still have some more substances to purge. But, what oh what is next? Hm. Not quite sure… although, I will suggest staying away from the toilet until then.


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