Sex on the Brain: Rape In Japanese Video Games

Japan. Quite possibly one of the kinkiest places on Earth. Why? Well, with an anticipated decline in their population (nearly half within the next century) and an abundance of women opting for careers over families, there isn’t much sex to be had amongst the Japanese. So, why so frightfully kinky? Well, lack of sex means loss of intimacy.’s Adam Yamaguchi explores this subject in this mini-documentary called Robot Nation.

This could explain their fascinating innovations in artificial intelligence, which may quickly replace the need (and even desire for) of human interactions in society. However, there is a thriving sex industry and means of satisfaction in Japan. From Soaplands to love hotels, this country has its share of erotic institutions. To further complicate the sexual mentality of this secular culture is the video game Rapelay.

The goal? Well, what else? The objective is to stalk the unsuspecting Yuuko in the subway station, sexually assault her whilst on the train, then you have full access to non-consensual love, complete with Yuuko crying and sobbing as you invade her body. Once you’ve humiliated her a la polaroids of her naked, cum-covered body, you have the privilege of raping her two daughters. And, boy, the possibilities. You can rape them in the children’s bedroom, in the park, wherever tickles your fancy. If you complete all of the missions (Rape, rape, and rape), then you get to… you guessed it! Rape all three women simultaneously. Indeed, Japan is pretty giving when it comes to its Hentai games.

X-Rated antics in video games are no stranger to us in the United States. How many of you banged a prostitute in your stolen car only to run after her or beat her to death with a baseball bat? I know I have. Do you remember the “hot coffee” scandal? The folks behind Grand Theft Auto know how to push buttons; Japan, on the other hand, doesn’t even push buttons. It stranglefucks the shit out of them. With titles like BattleRaper, Slave Maiden’s Rape Hell, and Repayment Sex Slavery (All of which, according to this article, are being renamed), Japan isn’t modest.,D-4-93784-13.jpg

After enduring plenty of scrutiny, Rapelay has been banned for sale here in the U.S. (duh). My question is one that’s been asked a myriad of times over. With each new controversial piece of media that’s available for sale, there is the growing concern that explicit material will warp the minds of consumers (and, most importantly, children) into believing that such behavior is acceptable. It also objectifies and degrades women, as most video games, movies, music videos, etc. tend to do. Video games like Rapelay do not belong in a child’s PC, and I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if a a consumer already has the urge to inflict harm and has no need for a conscience, then, yeah,  I wouldn’t want him to purchase this video game either. But, for the rest of us, it’s an exercise in curiosity and debauchery. Some of us, hopefully, won’t actually rape anyone. And, we definitely won’t have an opportunity to rape big-breasted anime girls on a Japanese subway train.

Let’s face it, we’re a violent culture… we’re a sexual culture. I don’t think any amount of censorship will change that; in fact, I think censorship only glorifies our violent and sexual urges even more so. As mentioned before, Japan isn’t a prude country by any means; but, it does face an uncertain future where half of it’s population will be gone, partly because there’s a lack of bonding and intimacy between its citizens (both sexual and platonic). Here, we have a similar problem but it presents itself differently. We condemn adultery rather than condone it, pussy-foot around sexual education, and commodify sex without educating the masses on desire and intimacy; in other words, we’re taught how to be sexy for others but not for ourselves. The types of entertainment and media we present to the world indirectly speaks to these frustrations – Rapelay and GTA are no different. They touch upon our quieted impulses.

If this is the case, then I think it’s time to throw away our traditional means of combating such imagery and profit from the debauchery we choose to ignore. My way of doing this is to create my own video game called BoyfriendBeater. The objective? Pretty much to rule the world and kill/torture/rape all of the men who stand in your way, as well as the way of other women. It’s a combination of Rapelay and Grand Theft Auto rolled into one. You can go on missions (Ex: Kill the abusive husband who lives down the street or drug the obnxious frat boys at a college party) or go on cruise control and create mischief wherever you can. You can rack up a number of sex slaves, collect awesome weapons, and do whatever the fuck you like.

Ladies, convince me that you wouldn’t want to at least play one round of BoyfriendBeater.

  1. This is an interesting post, I knew the Japanese were very kinky and unique in some of their sexual practices but I had no idea it had progressed to creating rape video games. That is a bit much if you ask me. I would love to talk to you more if you are interested in working with Eden Fantasys. Email me anytime.

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