WTF? WorldNetDaily Mistakes Homosexuality for Pedophilia (Those Crazy Conservatives)


You know I got all tickled pink when I saw the headline: A Child Molester’s Wet Dream in my Gmail. OMG, did they finally make underaged child robots for sex offenders to play with? No, wait, did Chris Hansen die?

No, and no because, according to WorldNetDaily, the real pedophilias are… you guessed it… THE GAYS!

No wonder they have all of those distracting rainbow flags… ugh. Shoulda known!!! *Angrily shakes fists at THE GAYS*

Hello. I'm Gay. And I'm gonna rape yo' baby.

Hello. I'm Gay. And I'm gonna rape yo' baby.

Testimony from two children pretty much explain how THE GAYS are fuckin’ loco:

An AP report said the mother’s attorney, Lance McMillian, “claimed the father subjected the children to an ‘array of violent, sexual, abusive and wholly inappropriate conduct’ during a tripto Arkansas and contended the father was in a series of affairs with other men while still married.”

During the trial the two oldest children expressed fear for the safety of their younger siblings due to their homosexual father’s violent outbursts. One of the girls told of finding a magazine with naked men while visiting her father. — Obviously not A GAY… or is he..?

C’mon, WorldNetDaily, you’re telling us something that most of America already knows. THE GAYS have the most terrible tantrums, and once you get them started, there’s no telling when it will stop!

Click here to see the most depraved act of anger and rage from one of THE GAYS!

Of course, one of you fast-talking, America-hating Jew liberals may think that this so-called father is obviously a sadistic asshole, but it isn’t because he is A GAY and that psychopaths like him come from all walks of life. Well, you just keep thinkin’ that. Because it’s not true. Not true at all! *Slams fist on coffee table*

He's a GayFish... So, lock up your aquariums!

He's a GayFish... So, lock up your aquariums!

You know what’ll happen once THE GAYS start to marry?!? WorldNetDaily knows. Some of the harmful repercussions that will come from GAY couples GAYING it up legally is the following if children are exposed to this filth:

  • Will become confused about their own gender and desires
  • Will have to wait until they get home to talk about the married faggots at their parents’ party
  • Lesbian couples will FORCE a young boy to have an erection just by looking at him and holding hands
  • Will commit suicide… it always ends with suicide.

So, you see, Same-sex marriage has to be made illegal… or else, who would save our little mistakes, er, I mean the children?

If you get drunk and lock lips with a lesbo... then you're not a dyke or a slut... you're just experimenting!

If you get drunk and lock lips with a lesbo... then you're not a dyke or a slut... you're just experimenting!

Hm… solution. If you do believe that your young daughter might grow up to be a lesbian, then let her listen to Katy Perrys “I kissed a Girl” and encourage her to follow in the footsteps of Lindsey Lohan. Two reasons: 1) Part-time lesbians are far more acceptable than full-time lesbians… as long as they don’t eat pussy and 2) Part-time lesbians are, like, way prettier than full-time lesbians, most of which are fat and have bad haircuts.

A Lost Cause.

A Lost Cause.

As for the young boys…? Well, sorry gays, but you can’t be saved.

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