AFN’s Road to Kink Presents: Better Out than In Pt. 2 – Piss, Puke, and Shit

Quite a mouthful of a title, huh? Yeah, I know. But, we have so much to talk about and so little time! So, without any delay, I wanted to bring you the entire family of bodily fluids that fetishists go ga-ga for.

And what better way to start this entry than by providing a link to one of the most infamous internet sensations since Mr. Hands and that peanut butter jelly time kid… and that cross-dressing Canadian that wears glasses…

Two Girls… One Cup


Done retching now? Well, good, save some of it. Because, as you may have guessed, we’re going to discuss a very taboo fetish, one that even the most adventurous perverts and freaks may dare not even experiment with. And that is the arousal for playing with or seeing bodily fluids.

When I was a dominatrix, I had to take a good long look in the mirror one morning and decide if I will see *Bob. I had never met Bob before but everyone told me what he was into. And he was into the following:

1) Drugs

2) Anal play (His anus, not mine)

3) Drinking my piss

Drugs…? No problem, right? Anal play… as long as it’s not my butthole, I don’t care. But, pee?

I’ve heard many urban legends before, tales of dommes exploring that darker side whether for pleasure or pay or both. One Mistress would shit all over her client and smear her feces into his skin. Another would blow her boogies out in a napkin and feed it to her submissive – the nickname Kleenex Eater was a common proclamation whenever he arrived. Then, there was that mythic of all Dommes: The one who performs Roman Showers. Hm, that made me upchuck a little just thinking about it.

Well, after a dull morning with just a couple of businessmen racing through the door, I strapped on my latex boots and said, “To Hell with it. Today is the day I’m going to pee in a champagne glass and force this guy to drink it.”

Somehow, this wasn’t on my list of career choices in high school. Funny how life works.

Anyway, my point is that, obviously, this doesn’t seem like the sexiest fetish. And, technically, it isn’t. As with other fetishes, one cannot pinpoint the origin or explain why one might enjoy drinking piss or swimming in another’s feces. The only understanding the fetishist may have is that they enjoy it, and certain traits or qualities about poo, pee, or puke are deeply associated with feelings of desire and idolatry. Who hasn’t felt that way before?

Okay… maybe not about pee or poop. And, after watching that video (You know… *whispers* 2G1C). You couldn’t possibly imagine anyone in their right mind who would want to do that to another person, let alone actually doing it. But, kink works in that magical way. Whether it’s the texture, its aromatic appeal, or just sheer aesthetic, this seemingly ordinary or appalling piece of our life becomes iconic, holy, and desperately desired.

The same goes for urine.

The Japanese have a name for it: Omorashi. Although, when I’m alone in my bathroom, there is no better way of praising that sweet moment than to unleash an orgasmic moan, accompanied by joyous grunting as I clench my ankles. Don’t lie, gang. Nothing feels better than when, after toiling for several minutes (maybe hours) with a full bladder you finally get to pee. In the real world, you would obviously spill your water in a toilet bowl. But, in your fantasy world, ideally you wouldn’t waste such a delicious treat. Maybe a thirsty mouth would suffice or, as Omarashi indicates, you piss in your panties.

And why not take Japan’s kinky customs a step further and perform an Omarashi yagai, the act of wetting one’s self outdoors.

Japan's TV show "Desperate Tournament" puts these pee-loving ladies to the test!

The sensation of peeing is pleasurable for some. For others, the taste or warmth of the liquid is intoxicating. And, unlike some of the other substances we discuss here, urine (produced by a healthy person) is sterile and isn’t ridden with bacteria. As described in this article by Damn Interesting, urine has been used as a revitalizing ingredient for cosmetics and healthier diets. But, when re-introduced into another person’s body, urine can also carry with it toxins that have remained in the system.

Touching upon the sensation of release, a common pattern amongst bodily fluid fetishists (Or, at least, the ones we mention here) is that all of them involved some sort of tense build-up, followed by the flooding out of the liquid onto something or someone else. This constant tease prolongs the exciting event for both parties, but also physically stimulates the person who volunteered to poo, piss, or puke on her love. One who enjoys emetophilia may find this moment of build-up and release divine, as this feeling is similar to that of an orgasm. Only replace sperm and female cum with vomit.

And, no, the vomitoriums built by Ancient Romans were not for the erotic (or otherwise) purposes of puking, although, as pointed out in this article from The Straight Dope, it was common practice for dinner guests to puke after dinner. A sexualized illustration of table side retching can be found in plenty porn videos, mostly released (with some restraint) overseas. MFX Media, the same company that produced Hungry Bitches (2G1C served as the trailer for this erotic scat feature) also incorporates vomiting in its movies. Sometimes, one performer (the thespian elite of South America, obviously) will vomit on the chest or face of another. And, sometimes, the vomit is consumed.

While being puked on has no significant consequences, the act of vomiting can gradually affect your pearly whites. The acids in the vomit are known to cause tooth decay and, when consumed, isn’t the most sterile or nutritious meal you can give to your body (Half-digested food and bile… what a diet!)

The same can be said for scat fetishists. They’re poo-lovers, in the most simplest of terms, and enjoy the sticky steaming texture and feeling of poo, or even the taste. While a coprophiliac loves to play with poo, a coprophagiac likes to eat fecal matter. For the poo-er, the ingestion of laxatives or a high fiber diet can ensure a quick and effortless release. Poo can come in many consistencies; however, if you fantasize about bathing in the brown stuff, but can’t bring yourself to make a batch of your own, then use mud or chocolate to induce the right mood.

There are still so many fluids that we haven’t covered! Sorry, boogers and spit… just not enough time in the day. But, hopefully, you’ve gained some insightful knowledge about all the kinky things we do with piss, puke, and shit… unless you couldn’t resist the urge to release a few fluids of your own due to the nature of this post. I don’t blame you… just make sure the save some for me next time!

    • hornymeee
    • August 14th, 2009

    this gave me a huge boner i wanted 2 b right in there with a guy doing that

      • chriscicchelli
      • August 15th, 2009

      Is it the puking, the pissing, or the pooping that turns you on? Or is it all 3?

  1. I just want to take some person’s shit, put it right into my ass and re-shit it. Then pee on it and then eat it, puke it and make a pie out of it.

    Then I’d take a picture of it and I’d cum all over the picture and drink the cum, vomit it, put the picture into my asshole and run out down the street naked yelling: “I’M PIKACHU!! FUCKERS!! I’M PIKACHU!!”

    • Gayboy
    • November 24th, 2009

    To crazy it turns me on as much as you any body up for it. I want your cock or pussy and your shit all over me. X

  2. i love it go here guys lets do some:P

    • leo
    • January 14th, 2010

    im up for it

    • Chris
    • March 11th, 2010

    And this is why humans are one of the most disgusting life-forms on this planet or probably in the universe, even my dog wouldn’t do that.

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