AFN’s Road to Kink: You Big Baby – All about Age-Play

It’s that time once again! AFN’s Road to Kink has dragged itself through the muck of last week’s post. You remember, right? Well, with all that talk about peeing and pooing and puking, I thought it would make a subtle transition to this week’s fascinating new topic: Age-Play!

You might be asking yourself, “What the f*ck is age-play?” Well, it’s a nifty apple that can be plucked from the fruitful tree of role-play. Role-play can take many forms in the bedroom. One form of role-play includes power-exchange. Another type of role-play is all about gender-bending and cross dressing. These scenes are for another night, unfortunately. But I’ve saved the best for last. Another common form of role-play is one that can sometimes (okay, many times) become an acceptable fetish or sexual icon in our own culture. Tonight’s the night for some age-play.

Age-play fetishism is a regressive encounter between partners, one or both of which pretends to be a younger or older person. From this roleplay erupts an assortment of archetypes, some of which exist within mainstream society.

Let’s start with the underdogs of Age-Play: Adult babies. Diaper lovers can also sometimes fall into this category. But, most of these Huggies aficionados truly love the feel of a snug diaper. Some may not even use it to go potty. Some adult babies feel the same way too. Others may need to be potty-trained.

My first taste of adult babies was when I was in college. I had followed the HBO show about the brothel in Reno, the Bunny Ranch. Or was it the Cathouse? Anyway, a caller whines at the Madam (via telephone) that his big diaper is in need of changing. The Madam and other nearby harlots are turning blue in the face as they hold in their laughter and encourage the baby to be a good boy and learn how to potty. Since then, my image of the adult baby has been an old man in a noisy plastic piece of underwear. Even when I was a phone girl, most of my infantilized callers sounded like raspy-toned grandpas.

But, after some research, I’ve discovered a beautiful landscape sprinkled with men and women of all ages regressing back into infant-hood. In fact, many communities encourage everyone, young and old, to bring out their inner baby. And those babies are sexy! ClubDiapers features over 10,000 images of attractive infantilists in need of a mommy (or daddy). Just some of the first pics are stimulating enough for any playtime session. There’s the chiseled Adonis and his pink pacifier. And let’s not forget boy and girl babies snuggling up for nap-time. Adult Baby Camp also has a welcome mat prepared for newbies. Its forums cater to all adult babes and their varied personalities. There’s even a forum for Baby Furs, fetishists that harmoniously marry their love of the diaper to their obsession with furversions (For more on furverts, click here).

The normal routines of an adult baby are similar to that of a real infant. The older figure (Popular images are the mother, nurse, babysitter, and father) tends to her babe in a gentle and nurturing way, although the evil stepmother and bratty older sister has shown up from time-to-time. The mother or nurse changes the diaper, feeds the baby his food (For some, Gerber is preferred) , and lies her baby down for nap-time. Favorite activities include playtime and breast-feeding. Adult babies may have playmates to share toys with. Suckling on a partner’s breast is not only terribly exciting for the infant, but enjoyable for the mother as well.

Evolving from this latent role are Lolita-esque fetishists. The very name, Lolita, is derived from the scintillating novel by Vladimir Nabokov about a professor who becomes obsessed with a young girl and travels with her across the U.S. This fantastic romance spawned a flock of followers, although the obsession with youth has transcended generations and time. A young woman of an appropriate age and youthful appearance could take on the role  of a nymphet as young as 6, although the most common portrayal is one in her teens and pre-teens, as young girls of this age are prone to sexual exploration and a desire to satisfy their curiosity. The internet is flooded with porn communities that cater to this fetish. For example, Daddy’s Little Girl on connects adults that would like to share their fantasies with others. There’s even a small yahoo group dedicated to older women seeking and seducing “younger” boys. The Lolita of our time is often pig-tailed and mischievous. She is a constant tease for her older pursuer, but is in need of instruction and sexual guidance. Sometimes she comes in the form of a bratty teen who will let her stepfather tickle her clit for concert tickets. Other times she seems so pure and innocent that our only impulse is to defile her.

Let me stop here and mention that age-play fetishists aren’t pedophiles. While they may fantasize about a younger lover, they understand the legal (and sometimes emotional) repercussions that occur. Those who choose the role of the authority figure-often it’s an older father figure, brother, or uncle or neighbor-can do so under several motives. He may be a caring teacher that wants to bestow upon his young ingenue sexual and intimate knowledge. Or, he may want to coldly manipulate his submissive, coy partner into performing a number of depraved acts for his arousal and amusement. These particular roles (the same goes for the bratty daughter or the evil stepmother) may express many S&M themes, as spanking and bondage are normally on the menu. Women or men who act as the younger partner may also dominate their “grown-up” admirer; they can exchange sex for posessions or money and make the “grown-up” feel like a pervert. As you can see, the possibilities are endless in deciding how you can portray the attractive nymphet or the eager and impatient Mommy or Daddy.

A few last words about what makes roleplay significant: costumes and props. No worries, sex doesn’t always have to be a staged production. In fact, just wearing a piece of clothing that reminds you of your assigned role is enough to get the mood going. A plaid, pleated mini-skirt evokes the naughty Catholic School Girl; braided pigtails and a lollipop can definitely inspire the youthful, playful side of your personality. Older figures don’t have to worry too much about their mode of dress; but an older nurse can snag a nurse’s cap from a costume shop. On a major scale, if you’re about to take care of an adult baby, then you can set up your living room like a nursery. Small building blocks or a crib ups things a notch.

As you can see, Age-Play, like an any form of role-play, pulls you away from the stressful circumstances of your reality, and brings you into a simpler world that dances on perversity and teases innocence. And we’ll continue to look at other role-play scenarios as well. But now, I think I’m gonna have some nap times before work.

Til next time.

    • Offimisak
    • February 28th, 2010

    He shrugged, stepping around her so he could sit to put on his boots. Another, smaller, band of rogues was being watched in a different part of the city. He made no secret that he could read any mind he chose, elvenborn or elvenchanged. They had fought about it too often for Eyrhaen not to know what he meant. She wanted to lash out, but she was having trouble finding a focus. Our work is done here. Gala grinned back at Eyrhaen. She grinned at Eyrhaen, smoothing a hand over the white patterns etched in Hyles chest. Maybe they didnt feel anything for her anymore. This hadnt been part of her agreement with Radin. She dropped her gaze since her face was still tilted by Brevins fingers. Yelping, she twisted aside to look at Nialdlye, who held her hands up, palms out. Shouldnt you all be with Nialdlye? Whimpering softly, she opened her mouth, but he went no further. It sparked the flame, and she dropped to scream into the mattress. She collapsed into a gooey, shuddering heap. She wondered at the shiver of delight that tickled her skin. Her heart went out to him. Im simply glad to be alive and back among the people I love. A lifetime isnt enough to tell you how I feel about you.

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