Sex on the Brain: Foot Fetishist is Finally Spotted/Ball Slasher on the Lam

Some women just can’t handle a man who loves a nice pair of heels… well, not just the heels, but how they look on a woman’s slender foot. Or how said foot gently flexes and arches, as her calf muscle alluringly dances underneath her smooth skin.

So why is this guy getting jail time again???Steven George Bronson is serious about his shoes. And it seems like tough work, as he’s quoted to perspire over his toil. And, would you blame him? I know I’ve broken a sweat once or twice from slipping my Sasquatch-sized footsies into a pair of size 7 pumps. Not pretty.

This was my thought, before I read the remaining bits of the article, which claim that Bronson’s defense seemed all too innocent. In an effort to buy the right pair of heels for his wife, he asked female shoppers their opinions and even persuaded some to model their favorite shoes while he watched. But, Bronson went a little too far when his frisky hands inched up the legs of his unsuspecting victims. This had led to a laundry list of arrests since 1983. Some major no-nos include stroking the legs of a 15-year-old girl and also running his same routine on the mentally disabled.

Bronson swears that it was a misunderstanding, and that the women may have felt uncomfortable because he was so sweaty.

My dear sweet man from Clackamas County, don’t they have foot fetish parties in your neighborhood? There are scores of beautiful women who, for $20 or more, will give you five minutes in heaven with their sensuous, willing tootsies. Working these events on a few occasions, men have touched, tasted, tickled the essence of my toes and paid good money for it! Although, I can’t say it was the money that turned me on as much. My feet seem like the least attractive part of my body; if anything, I’m rather intrigued by my dancer’s arch and my big toe… but that’s really about it. In fact, it wasn’t until I became a dominatrix did I realize my feet were as worthy of worship as my tits or butt.

Ladies, if you need foot confidence, visit your local foot fetishist.

Too bad Bronson’s off the market – although, unfortunately, he couldn’t possibly expect every woman he touched to suddenly be into it. And targeting minors and the mentally disabled cries compulsion. But, I do wonder if he ever discovered a woman who was as passionate about her feet as Bronson might have been. Honestly, sometimes I imagine meeting a pervert that lurks in the shadows, in hopes of surprising him with an invitation which may encourage his inner kink. But, some men should never be urged to act on their compulsions.

Such is the case with Bronson… and another man in Duluth, Minnesota.

You better keep an eye on your exercise ball as a thirty-something man has been caught on surveillance tapes breaking into a fitness facility and slashing rubber balls. This occurred in May (the story ran in July) but police are not surprised; The Slasher (as I’d like to call him) has been obliterating fitness equipment (mainly exercise balls) since 2005. He has expressed his sexual kicks for destroying these accoutrements to a (aroused?) court judge. He has slashed up to 70 balls in total. According to this piece I received from Reuters, experts can’t identify the type of paraphilia this man exhibits. It may have to do with the size of the balls (which we’ve talked about here) or possibly the feel of latex collapsing in his grasp may have something to do with it. My own assumptions point to the ripping aspect, but, who knows.

You do? Well, let me know. This is something I surely haven’t heard of before.

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