Montclair Loses A Beloved Fetish Store

I couldn’t imagine if they shut down all of the wonderful fetish stores in New York City! Purple Passion, London… I’ve strolled through both on various occasions. Not only are they a prime resource for sex workers, but for any couple or individual who wants to buy a few adventurous goodies and get the scoop on fetish parties, events, or workshops. So, when I heard that Dressing for Pleasure was shut down by the township of Montclair, NJ, It was very disappointing news. This popular fetish spot not only provided customers with an impressive stock of sex toys (They feature a Violet Wand Kit on the homepage va va voom), but owners Karen and Ed Dougherty (“Master Ed” and “Slave Duchess”) also constructed a play station in their basement in order for clients to fulfill their fantasies (This part of the establishment was open in the late evenings to clients of a mature age). However, after an anonymous tip made in June, code officials inspected the building and shut it down because of alleged sexual activity. Although Dressing for Pleasure did encourage their clients to explore their fantasies, it’s been made clear that sexual exchanges did not take place.

Of course, only the playmates of Dressing for Pleasure know the true nature of what occurs, and part of what makes their time at the dungeon so unique and special is because they are allowed to act on their desires free from judgment. But, sexuality is defined in different ways, especially to those who aren’t familiar with the kink lifestyle. Because of this, the fetish shoppe has been shut down. And the fun freaks of Montclair are sad!

In the past couple of years, fetish dungeons in New York City have been closed and reopened because of the same accusations. On average, undercover cops visit these dungeons and wait for a dominatrix to accept a sexual exchange (which will count as a prostitution, and thus, a felony of sorts). When I was a domme, I had “clients” ask me straight out for handjobs, blow jobs, etc. And, of course, I would say no. Of course, when a domme has a strong relationship with her client, or when she facilitates a steamy session between two clients, then it becomes tricky… hot, but certainly tricky. That’s when the lines of fantasy and reality blur, and acting in the heat of passion could ruin your life or destroy your business.

What’s exciting and fun about fetish is that it doesn’t have to include sex! A fetish scene is sexually fulfilling on so many levels, and sexual activity is not a necessary element. So, while one could assume that some sexual activity took place, many BDSM communities and businesses honor their scenes for the connectedness they share, the sensuality, and the intense sensations experienced during deviant acts.

Which means that many fetishists in Montclair have lost a beloved home. Well, you can come over to our little island anytime!

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