AFN’S Road to Kink: Good God! Religious/Demonic Play

This week’s travel through this particular kink was inspired by a book that I discovered at our museum. Satanica Sexualis is a devilishly comprehensive resource that  delineates the taboo relationship we have with demonology, black magic, and the grandmaster of evil himself. Upon reading about one particular Black Mass in which the host has sex with his virgin sacrifice, I had not considered where the origin of the word “fetishism” sprung from, which means religion of the fetish. Its multi-lingual derivations, from Latin to Italian, generally translate to witchcraft. What we explore each week is based on the erotic mysticism that we connect with our fetish-object.

But, we are going to transcend through the spectrum of religious sex and not only explore demonic fantasies, but also how the images of rosary beads and men of the cloth can get some of us-maybe you-very, very horny.

If you’re feeling especially guilty about this particular blog entry, then don’t worry. We’ll have confession later.

While I love demon sex and all its dirty, libidinous tendencies, let’s take a look at a holier sort of love, a love-I believe-that God would appreciate. Religious fetishes have plenty to offer for sexual inspiration. Where to begin?

Let’s start with Divine Interventions, which displays a wonderful collection of hand-crafted silicone cocks and penises carved in the likenesses of religious icons, like Jesus (in the form of a Jackhammer Jesus) and The Virgin Mary.

Speaking of religious icons, infamous figures that have shaped our morality, enforced rules and wisdom straight from the bible, and has pardoned us from (and punished us for) our sins, also embody our wanton desires. As with Age-Play, these particular roles signify virtue, power (or better yet, religious power), knowledge, and trust. And all of these traits can be very arousing. Nuns, for example, are a popular fetishistic image. Erotic nuns offer up various Catholic-costumed sluts in compromising positions. And explicit Nun stories can provide fodder for your tempted imagination. Priests, too, are not far from the fetish. In fact, Nunsploitation features an extensive selection of DVDs are devoted to men and women of the cloth getting down and dirty. I suggest reading the review about Autobiography of a Flea.

Maybe I’m biased, but I believe that religious sex, or sexualizing religion, is always shoved away into the wicked realm of demonic, or satanic sex. As mentioned in the Satanica Sexualis, many a priest and holy monk have been captured defiling religious statues in the privacy of their hotel rooms. As a matter of fact, much of the debasement of holy temples and all that resides within them is considered satanic, which is probably why resources on the Internet are plentiful in this area.

Demonic sex Fetishists may not explicitly dig Religious (Both Christian/Catholic and Satanic) kinks, but are turned on by the images of a muscular, horned (and horny), dark-skinned (brown, black, dark blue, or the traditional red), monsters from down below. While these are the most conventional characteristics, each fetishist might already have an unique portrait of her or his doomed lover in mind. Some may see him as frail, hideous, and unlovable (and, thus, totally sexy!). Others may see him with humanistic details that make him more familiar and, thus, appealing. For me, my ideal sex demon is Darkness from Legend.

Pretty much self-explanatory. But, in case I have yet to persuade you…

I would give anything to be stolen away by Darkness himself, especially for a dress like that… Sorry, Jack.

Of course, true demon love of this nature may be far from our reality. Unless Rick Baker is your best friend, you may have to settle on a glittery horned headband from the costume shop to breathe just a hint of life into your fantasy. Or, you can appease your appetite with some inspirational erotica. My favorite site is Demon Sex, where you can not only view some impressive variations of devilish monsters, but could also have your taste of ghosts, werewolves, and phallic tentacles (All of which we will speak about next time).

Satanic sexual practices may be (un)common rituals for those who submit to the dark side, but for others, it could also be titillating fodder for those who have deviant sexual fantasies. Sex and the devil have gone hand-in-hand since the days of old, when Priests would strip potential witches down, bound their nude bodies, and coerce them to recount their hedonistic romps with the hooved host himself. Some women described the ample penetration of a two-pronged penis. Others declared that Baphomet would multiply and copulate with all that participated in the coven. Simply put: the boys in Godly robes were no match for the Ron Jeremy of the Underworld.

While we can talk for ages about the birth of Satanism and the vulgar rites of passage for new Satanists (You can also read this insightful piece from the Church of Satan website), we’re here to discuss how this forbidden fetish could be useful in the bedroom. Why not duplicate a Black Mass? Imagine velvety drapes of dark blue and black as your mini-altar. Hell, you can even use your bed. One must always have a High Priest or Priestess, one who can dominantly lead the sacred rituals. You can worship alone or have your own coven (nudity is required). Then there’s the virgin sacrifice, one that is pure of heart and pussy (or, s/he can at least pretend to be). You can read from your Satanic Bible while pouring the symbolic red wine into your chalice… or you can go straight to the ritualistic fucking and cannibalism. Whatever works!

Perhaps, if you’re the virgin on the slab for the evening, you’d much rather skip the Priest and go straight for sex with the devil. Makes sense, right? Well, how can we go about this? Before, I mentioned the horns on a headband, but, that is far too amateurish for what you’re seeking. So, why not order a ghoulish rubber mask from one of the many Halloween retail stores on the internet? You can choose revolting creatures such as this…

Devil Mini Monster MaskOr this…

Devil Mask

Or maybe this…


Screams Satan to me.

And don’t forget that Satan’s presence alone can instill deathly terror in your soul which, of course, gets your motor running. So, make sure to tell your lover, um, I mean the devil to have the presence of evil, mystery, and complete dominance. Let him imagine his favorite movie villains – like the cleverly crude Freddie Kreuger or the horrifically quiet Michael from Halloween. Or, maybe you’re the lucky witch who gets the dominate the devil himself! You can even become a she-devil or she-demon (better known as a succubus) and degrade the body of your (un)willing sacrifice for the night. Who knows what ideas are churning in that brain of yours!

If all of this seems way too theatrical for your tastes, remember, as I mentioned earlier, you can always go to the confession booth and atone for your sins. Have your lover sit on the other side of a partitioned space and let those obscenities flow from your lips. And, to add extra pleasure to your penance, twiddle your clit while your private priest strokes himself to your naughty tales. Who knows what punishment will come next!

Well, next time on AFN’s Road to Kink, we are going above and beyond our fantasies to the supernatural world, where lovers of all shapes, sizes, and then some await us! My favorite! Ever been sexually molested by a ghost? Cockslapped by a werewolf? Anally probed by an alien?

There’s always a first!

See you later.

  1. This is a really fun post! I’m into it.

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