Sex on the Brain: Prom Dress Fetishist

I heard about this story a few weeks ago, and I wanted to talk about it here; but, somehow, I got distracted, as what normally tends to happen when I’m writing, so it quickly disappeared into the recesses of my mind. But, when I heard about the ripple (almost a wave) of crimes occurring in my hometown, Bridgeport (Conn), I was quickly reintroduced to the one idea that got away. It was surprisingly one of the many violent assaults that have overwhelmed the city (two of which ended in murder). As of yet, the victims were released slightly unscathed.

My hometown is now infamous for the Prom Night Fetish Cuddler.According to The Connecticut Post, Joshua Gonzalez forced two women into his apartment and held them there at gun point. As they turned over their cell phones at his demand, Gonzalez brought out two prom dresses and two pairs of nylon stockings, which he made the women wear. Then, he forced the pair to get into bed with them. Involuntary fondling and touching ensues.

So, is it really a fetish at that point? Or is mostly about satisfying some sadistic lust, and marrying that to your particular perversion? There are so many sane couples who have pretty healthy sexual relationships, whips and puppy leashes and all. Would they ever go to such desperate means to exercise their pleasure?

Probably not. But, it is fascinating to see how these particular criminals (Including the foot fetishist and the ball slasher) have completely abandoned all reason in order to chase some version of desire.

These are definitely a step up from the common Peeping Toms and mythical flashers that are so often penalized for their lewd behavior. But, what I always imagine is that they haven’t found anyone that truly appreciates their perversion.

Does that give them the right to invade someone’s privacy? Of course not. But, what if someone who plants small surveillance cameras in public bathroom toilets was discovered by a sexually ambitious character? What if that person participated in the fetish? Would the lascivious act then be criminal? What if no one else was exploited for his own sexual deviance, just the one who wanted it more?

Why couldn’t the Ball Slasher just buy some balls of his own?

Maybe that other sensation, the one that drives someone to violate and exploit others for the sake of “pleasure”, is a perverse excitement for being so wicked. Just imagine your adrenaline pumping as you perform a crude prank – maybe you scare someone by jumping out of a closet or you grab your lover’s genitals in the middle of a busy restaurant – it’s very exciting! There’s the thrill of doing something bad, and the reactions on people’s faces is intoxicating!

Of course, not all of us hold two ladies hostage and make them wear stockings and prom dresses. I’m just saying some of us like to pretend to be bad. Some of us have homes and families and positive energies that don’t drive us to perform such deeds. Some of us aren’t too insane. But, to balance out the rules we have to comply with on an everyday basis, we need to bend our perceptions of what is right and normal in this world. And the best way of safely doing so is by being a pervert. You can indulge in bodily pleasure and live in a warped world where some ordinary semblance of life is glorified and sexualized. And you don’t have to hurt anyone or coerce another into sharing your perverse fantasies with you (unless that is part of the fantasy for both of you). All-in-all, it sounds like paradise.

Some of us, however, break through those perceptions. And they are the types of people I end up writing about in my blog.


  1. I held a barbecue two weeks ago and a friend came in his shorts.

      • chriscicchelli
      • August 29th, 2009

      Please tell me he was in a pair of boxer shorts…

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