AFN’S Road to Kink Presents: Supernatural Kink

So far we have dreamt of goddesses big and tall, animals with sexy bodies, and sex with Satan. So, of course this day was going to come.

It would take an entire book for me to describe just how excited I get by supernatural fantasies. Sure, I won’t meet any of these monsters in real life. But a gal can dream, can’t she?

For now, let’s celebrate the top 5 sexiest things that go bump in the night!

Both supernatural and paranormal fantasies usually embody the following traits:

-The individual who is in control of this fetish normally remains in “human” shape.

-The fantasy may take place in a mysterious or menacing atmosphere, such as a haunted house or a graveyard.

-The individual’s fetish-object may not be of human distinction. The object of desire normally reflects the  traditional archetype of villianous creatures, such as a large hairy beast or an alluring lover of the undead.

Sounds truly scintillating? Then check out these hot creepy  creatures.

5. Tentacle Monsters

This ancient Japanese dish has had a long history in this country’s sexual tastes. It has also been celebrated in all aspects of the culture’s art and media. This fetish has been captured in the highly successful La Blue Girl and the Urotsukdoji saga. In this fantasy, a young woman (most common) is being ravaged by a tentacled creature or worm. This fantasy is also known as tentacle rape or “shokushu goken”; however, in cases like this one (Between (wo)man and beast) the encounter is one taken by force.

Into Tentacle Porn, try:

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4. Alien Abduction

“I surrendered in ecstasy to the magic of his lovemaking,” — Extraterrestrial Alien Sex

Let’s say you’re wandering around the crop field, just minding your business, and then you discover a gorgeous woman with silky long hair and a body to die for. Well, beware, Farmer! That beautiful seductress might be an alien in disguise! Of course, if this is what you’ve been dreaming of, then you have a long night ahead of you. Alien and reptilian creatures of the same circumstance usually initiate romantic gestures by appearing to the human as an attractive mate, or abducting the victim from their homes or even their bedrooms. Both men and woman have fallen prey to alien abduction, as they inevitably will help prolong the extinction of an alien race or prove to be only an experiment in inter-species reproduction. Fantasies could include using medicinal accoutrements to “inspect” or “probe” the de-robed human, a feeling of physical powerlessness on the part of the victim (or lover), and a sexual experience that is more fulfilling and sensational than human sex.

Have an alien fetish? Try:

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3. Ghost/Invisible (Wo)Man Fetish

This double header is a perfect scenario for someone who doesn’t want to be shamed by a beast of a man in bed with her/him the next morning. The advantage in shacking up with this supernatural lover is that you never know when s/he’s watching and you never know when s/he will finally make an appearance. Spectrophilia specifically describes one who is sexually attracted to ghosts. From a spiritual perspective, one may fantasize about being intimately connected to death or empowering death by being sexually open to it. There may be even a necrophiliac appeal to making love to someone who has already died, but without the decomposing body and smell. Generally, both the ghost and invisible (wo)man allows the unsuspecting to feel powerless and at the mercy of a transparent being.

Into Spectrophilia or the Invisible Man? Try:

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2. Werewolves

Does this count as bestiality? I mean, they are animals. But, they are technically human. Well, in our fantasies you can call it whatever you like. But, once you see this big beast of a monster, you just can’t help but quiver… in a good way. Werewolf fetishists may enjoy basking in awe of their lover’s incredible power and ferocious virility. Some may enjoy the feel of his knotted fur rubbing against the thighs. Or could it be the intense fucking? Who knows. Soon, there will be a new Wolfman Movie with Benicio Del Toro and a television show about bitchy werewolf babes that will continue to satisfy the fantasies of many.

Have a werewolf fetish? Try:

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1. Vampires

Don’t you deny it! It’s the year of the vampire and, boy, have they made it easier for vamp fetishists to let their hair down. We’ve all been bitten by this supernatural bug. And we (well, at least I) like it! I won’t even begin to spout off the many books and movies that indulge in vamp sex, which seems to be all the rage. Of course, sex with the vamp can have its benefits… right? How about a youthful look? Or bone-chilling, mind-numbing sex for hours? I have heard that vamps do it better. Vamp fetishists may be drawn to the Gothic lifestyle and pallid, deathly appearance of these undead beings. They may be drawn to the act of biting or sucking on the skin of another. They may also have a blood fetish that is fueled through this supernatural type of role-play. Like many of the monsters on our list, vampires don’t actually exist… per se. But, one can easily embrace the vamp lifestyle by donning a fake pair of fangs and “glamouring” their lover so they can do whatever he or she wants.

I’ll leave it to the imagination

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  1. I have to say, I’ve had a thing for vampires since back in the buffy the vampire slayer days (mmm angel and spike, so sexy). True blood has only indulged me. I for one, hope this trend doesn’t end anytime soon.

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