Awkward Sex with Isabella Rossellini

When I think of insect copulation, I obviously think of Isabella Rosselini. So, when I finally sat down to watch both the 1st and 2nd season of The Green Porno, I felt a sense of harmony in my heart.

My article on the animal kingdom focused mostly on sexual habits that derived pleasure; Isabella focuses on the science and uniqueness of reproduction amongst several species.

My favorite episodes were featured in the first season. Flies and snails both have amazing sex lives. From the deathly decomposition of a fresh cadaver, maggots are born. And snails, well, let’s just say they can be bottoms and tops at the same time.

With a creative narrative and a humorously seductive narrative by actress, Isabella Rosellini teaches us a thing or two about the animal world and made me appreciate the tender details of reproduction and its significance in extending the existence of a species.

For example, in this short, Rosellini waxes poetic about genitalia amidst towering penises from different types of species.

Programs such as these are so wonderfully smart, scientific, and fun that they should be presented in classrooms for children. I wonder if she’ll ever focus on the most intriguing and complex mating habits of all: That of which belongs to humans. (Merely, an assumption, as I am still intrigued by the archerfish.

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