AFN’s Road to Kink Presents: Doll Love – Statue Transformation and Mannequin Adoration

Last week, I discussed the origins of Barbie, an iconic figure born from the deviant dreams of her creator, Jack Ryan. As I skimmed some of the articles that covered his story, I wondered if Jack Ryan became attracted to Barbie herself. She was the spitting image of his ideal woman. She may have been small; but, she was certainly shapely. Quiet. Seductive. Did he ever masturbate to Barbie while she wears her little doll-sized bathing suits?

When I moved into the city, I wanted to learn how to make dolls. I studied the meticulous process of sculpting little parts out of polymer clay (the only material I could afford at the time), baking these little limbs in the oven (or kiln if i could find one), and painting little lips and eyes onto the heads. Tufting the hair. Sewing dolly outfits. Although I was adamant to begin this project, I spent most of my time looking at other dolls. My favorite artist is Marina Bychkova. Not only are her hand-crafted dolls accompanied by beautifully ornate outfits, but their sensual appearance is a sight to behold. They have ball joints for lascivious flexibility, painted anatomy, and lips carved for a luscious, plump look. Even now, when I visited the site, I remained there for about 10 minutes just staring at them all. And becoming secretly aroused.

So, this week, let’s talk more about the intimate lives we share with our inanimate replicas.

Agalmatophilia is the sexual attraction to statues, mannequins, and dolls. There are many who exclusively take delight in dolls and figurines; others may enjoy mannequins or statues alone. The first recorded demonstration of this fetish was in 1877, when a gardener was discovered courting a Venus De Milo statue. Since then, we have seen representations of this fantasy through movies, books, and other mediums.

Regardless of personal tastes, all agalmatophiles are aroused by the stillness of their counterpart. Lack of immobility and even the soulless appearance of their fetish-object is essentially what makes them so titillating.

There are a number of ways one could explore this fun fetish.

Say you’re alone. You have no one to play with… well… no human playmate, that is. Well, luckily, there are a number of inanimate companions at your disposal.

Because of all sorts of public obscenity laws, I wouldn’t recommend having sex with a statue outdoors or in an area where you might attract attention. Instead, I would suggest acquiring a mannequin and bringing it home for private use.

These life-sized dolls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are painted to resemble a human while others are blank, headless, plastic bodies (depending on what they originally displayed). You can obtain them through retailers such as Displaysense or search for throwaways (I found three mannequins, all in perfect condition, while strolling down the Garment District). Make sure to clean off your mannequin so you may enjoy him/her safely.

You can fetishize a mannequin in many ways. However, if one desires a realistic sexual encounter with their fetish-object, why not take a tip from Homemade Sex Toys and design your own sex doll. Using other sex toys like a fleshy vagina sleeve or mouth for blow jobs, you, too, can play Dr. Frankenstein! Personally, I find that a vagina is all you really need for penetration. But, that’s just me.

Of course, if you have some extra cash to spare, why not purchase the ultimate doll – a Real Doll? These highly authentic beauties are silicone-based and weigh about 100 lbs. On the website, you can select hair color, eye color, skin tone, length of public hair, nail color, breast size, etc. And for those who are seeking a male playmate, there are also dolls that come equipped with penises of multiple sizes and a lean, muscular body that no one could resist. Alternatives are also available for the discerning “iDollator”. BoyToy dolls are a cartoonish version of their lifelike companions. Abyss Creations, the American-based company that creates the Real Doll, offers hermaphroditic companions for those who want everything and anything in a playmate.

Caring for your sex doll is crucial for long-lasting company. Make sure to rinse and wash your doll before and after use. If you’re using lubricants, make sure it’s silicone compatible. Keep in mind that real dolls are heavy, so make sure to have her/him seated in a place where you needn’t move it around too much, such as your bed or in a seat in your personal space. Best thing of all, each real doll also comes with its own cleaning kit.

Agalmatophiles can also use their “organic” partner to satisfy their fetish. There are several websites that cater to the “Living Mannequin” fantasy, including Living Doll House and Studs in Stone.

Advise your lover on how to pose and hold her stance while you worship her immortalized body. Why not go a step further and lather her up in liquid latex? This yummy substance can be easily used on any external surface of the skin. I suggest shaving any sparse hairs as it does tend to stick to the latex (making it painful to peel off). Stockroom has an awesome starter kit with brushes and rollers.

Dolly-Catsuit from Marquis.

Speaking of latex, why not go the extra mile and purchase a latex dolly suit for your lover? You can buy assorted pieces as well, like dolly hoods and hands. And all of these suits come in many variations, including a dolly mask with a latex mouth sleeve. Some masks come with slitted airholes; others do not so keep this in mind.  I suggest visiting LatexWiki for a comprehensive article about doll suits. You can also check out websites like Defect Doll for some extra inspiration. These particular resources are pulled from the latex fetish community, which is more so attracted to the material itself than by the statuesque aesthetic. But, for some, both fetishes can play a role in their fantasies.

So, do you enjoy the paralyzing, stiff look of your lover, but don’t really dig mannequins? Next time, we’ll look at taboo role-play that features men and women in various stages of (fake) unconsciousness.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Daisy
    • September 13th, 2009

    In japan there is group that enjoys anime dolls (like 6 inch to 12 inch) and they buy them little outfits and arange them around their bed and beat off to fantasies in their head. Otaku I think is what people call them but I can be wrong. I personally get off on dirty manga books and erotic anime. They make bestiality anime movies too that I simply adore.

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