Awkward Sex with Adolf Hitler: The AIDS Campaign

This week, Germany is releasing a new ad that may sway viewers to protecting themselves when they engage in highly “risky” sexual activity. The advertisement in question features a man and a woman having very hot sex in a bedroom. As they reach an orgasm, the man is revealed to be Adolf Hitler. At the end of the commercial, the slogan, AIDS is a mass murderer appears onscreen.

I don’t know about you; but, AIDS was far from my mind. In fact, I was pretty aroused by watching Hitler bump and grind with his sweaty, lustful lover (Who looks Jewish, by the way). Obviously, by giving AIDS a sinister face (who better than Hitler?), audiences won’t act impulsively in steamy situations. But, AIDS is a disease, not a human being bent on annihilating an entire community based on their ethnicity. Consider if Hitler was shown with a condom. What if Trojan sponsored this campaign for safer sex?

Click here to see the entire commercial.

Simply put: I wish that organizations like The Regenbogen Association (the German coalition that sponsored the ad) would approach topics such as these as informational without launching the “scare” tactic. But, one of the many ways we tackle sexual issues and problems is by sexualizing what we fear most. In this case, they taint an otherwise harmless and healthy sexual act with a notorious image. Unlike their recent statements, it doesn’t educate or provide any alternatives for the audience.

What do you think? Are you turned on by this Hitler? Does it send the right message?

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