Modern-Day Frankenstein Creates Perfect Bride

Man vs. Nature, the endless chase to perfection, romance over the operating table – it’s all in a day’s work for plastic surgeon, Reza Vossough. His most recent invention, er, I mean innovation is not hard to find. Just look at his newly transformed wife, Cany Vossough.

Disinterested in his 33 year-old wife’s body, Vossough stuffed his Cany with 1,600g of silicone and altered her butt, thighs, and stomach so that he could make her into the bodacious amazon she is today. And she’s very happy with the results.

Of course, Cany invested over 18,000 Euros (over $26,000 American dollars) and went under the knife eight times before she married her plastic surgeon.

“When your husband’s a plastic surgeon, the scalpel is your friend.” Cany Vossough

Dr. Reza also admits that he, too, suffers from imperfections. So, his partner gave him a new nose and he also injects botox on a regular basis.

As they say, the couple that nip/tucks together, stays together… maybe.

My fascination with this story is how it eerily reflects Mary Shelley’s classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein, only the monster is not a monster, but an idealized version of what a woman should look like. Additionally, the act of both the plastic surgery and the operation seem fetishized. Cany satisfies her husband’s desire to play God, and Reza satisfies Cany’s desire to become the perfect woman. If this is the case, then one might suggest that the marriage and companionship are not based on anything more than a race to the fountain of youth. Furthermore, if all the pleasure is derived from the visual elements of this relationship, then what of the emotional and (most importantly, in my book) physical pleasures?

Do you think a better body means better sex? Or is it just an illusion?

As Oscar Wilde said: Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

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