My Vagina is God (And Yours is Too)

My vagina and I have been through many adventures. It’s been a landscape of bodies and bedrooms, of smells and penetration and self-celebration (masturbation). And we’ve had the good graces of immortalizing our journeys through film and photographs. Heck, we even won an award! So, my vajayjay deserves a high-five. But, as it turned out on Friday, our cinematic adventures have not ceased.

With one leg hunched up on the toilet bowl, I expertly trim my public hairs. Never had I seen them so clean, so well-trimmed. Usually, it looks like I’m giving a young frat boy a choke hold with my legs. Or I get all porno on myself and shave it all off completely. This time around, we all wanted a very natural, bushy look (Just clean enough for the fine folks at home to see).

The set was very bewitching. It was calm. We joked openly as we applied groomed for the camera. Between the both of us, I think we nearly finished the bottle of almond oil (A must have for women everywhere). But, we (my pussy and I) enjoyed it immensely.

The best part of the entire atmosphere is the positive pussy energy that we all possessed. As we took turns filming our cunts, the rest of the cast, Betty, and the intimate crew cooed and praised our pussies in front of the camera. Betty taught us how to stretch our pussy lips and roughhouse our pubic mound, thus discovering the amazing ways that our organs changed its look and color. I pulled a scruff of skin on my public mound, making my outer lips stretch upward. The flesh underneath the lips was a beautifully luscious purple and red. It shined like satin underneath the warm lights. “You can practically wear it,” I heard Betty say.

Full-length mirrors are a girl’s best friend. Trust me. Even if the camera crew and everybody went out for beers, I would have still remained in front of the mirror, observing my vagina like I’ve never done before. And it’s true. I never spent a good 20 minutes looking at my vagina. I’ve spent nearly an hour touching and sensuously poking at her, though. Somehow, I felt as though I was looking at my pussy for the first time, only I’m a million times more thankful to have her.

Betty showed us on Carlin’s pussy where the goddess was. She pointed out the beautifully hooded head and face (the clitoris) and her illustrious cloak (the pussy lips). Every woman has a goddess. And how perfectly she is positioned. She represents our sexual power and is the gateway to fertility.

Every woman should observe her vagina in front of a full-length mirror. Make sure to have optimal lighting. And make sure you set aside at least an hour out of your day. You’re going to need it.

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