I Secretly Wish that Duck Phillips Would Walk into My Life

I totally mean it.

As a girl on the go, I have very little patience for immaturity. And very little patience for the unimaginative and uninspiring lackeys of this city! I need a man with style… a man with a can-do attitude and a chin that can slice through a tin can. I want a man who swallows martini like water.

I want Duck Phillips.

Attraction-wise, he isn’t as well-lit as Don Draper or as made up as Roger Sterling. But, he is ferocious. And he is a man of social survival. He will latch on to what’s new, what’s going to be successful. He takes risks. It’s an urban jungle out there. And he’s swinging his vine so hard it makes me get a wettie.

What cemented my attraction for this ad shark was evident in episode 7:

Imagine being a successful female copywriter, riding on your talent and the confidence to demand upward mobility. Then, your power has attracted one of the suave pickings in the basket. Hot damn!

I just pray he’s not using Peggy as a pawn in his sneaky scheme to cripple Sterling/Cooper.

Take a tip, men: Maintain a hot bod, dress sharp, and flaunt your assets… you may possibly be a jerk but your success is a nice cushion.

    • drush76
    • November 8th, 2009

    When their affair had began, Peggy already suspected Duck of recruiting her to get back at Sterling Cooper. She slept with him anyway. Peggy is viewing this affair with her head and below the belt. She wants to get laid by a man, not boys in men’s bodies.

    • Don’t we all?

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