Manual Control.

This is a repost from my other blog. Hope you enjoy it.

Naturally, my pussy was pulsing, beating its warrior drum. It needs satisfaction. Quickly, I pulled out my drawer of sex toys. I got out my three favorite vibes who, like The Wise Men, each tendered to my baby clitoris. Unfortunately, the visit yielded no miracle. The batteries died in each vibrator within minutes.

This was when I broke my “in case of emergency” rule and used my fingers.

I was rusty from a year’s worth of neglect. The bothersome ache returned to my fingers and wrists. However, by that time I was deep in a spiritual and sexual war with myself. It was like rising the dead, coaxing the body, getting all of the right parts wet and fully prepared. My vulva spoke to me. Well, no, that’s a bit drastic. But, it turned into a gaping mouth of a fish gasping for air. I could feel my lips swell and expand. My clitoris was so excited, by then, it had to recede back into its warm hood out of fear of explosion. My hand had gained such a strong momentum that it spun around on my pussy uncontrollably.

I dreamt of sucking on the crinkled and perky nipples of women with milky tits. Hot waves like sandstorms crept up my body while the air brought in a chill that made goosebumps erupt on my skin. Alone, I wailed and moaned terribly.

Then, everything disappeared. I couldn’t hear myself panting. I couldn’t feel my clitoris or the hand that touched it. Even the last image in my mind – a final thrust of his cock deeper inside of me – had breathlessly vanished. Then, I knew. I whispered it. “I’m coming… I’m coming…”

It was a major explosion, a nuclear bomb that obliterated my clitoris and continued to send waves of destruction throughout my body. Then, I cried. Tears gushed from my eyes. Spit had tenderly rolled down the sides of my lips. Mucus rolled from my nostrils and slid down my mouth. I sobbed for a long time with no intention of stopping. But, eventually, the tears stopped flowing. The drool stopped drooling. And, then I fell asleep.

    • elsiewrites
    • November 4th, 2009

    Ok, now THAT was hot!

  1. Ok, now THAT was hot!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

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