Nicole Kidman Does Some Dirty Deeds… But What are They?

Nicole Kidman. She embodies the classic appeal of Hollywood that’s rarely seen on the red carpet today. Behind that porcelain skin and ever-changing beauty, however, is a woman that welcomes a good challenge.

On the cover of British GQ, Kidman shows off her darker side. And, in an interview with the award-winning actress, the 42-year old mother and wife of country star Keith Urban describes her marriage as “dangerous”:

“…I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff, I’ve explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy” — Nicole Kidman

She goes on to say that her recent marriage is adventurous. But, I’m still curious as to what actually happened in the marriage to make her speak so highly of it, especially since she’s keeping mum on her previous marriage with celebrity, Tom Cruise.

In the past year, alone, i’ve read about scandalous affairs and explicit fantasies exposed through phone and Internet transcripts. These men have been shamed for their sexual exploits, sure. But, somehow I’ve been given an opportunity to hear about deviant acts performed by some of the most powerful men in our society. Maybe it is an invasion of their private pleasure, but there’s something satisfying about hearing that our beloved senator likes to be tied up, or a highly sophisticated political figure enjoys crossdressing, or an iconic media mogul can talk the panties off any woman he sees.


So, what of the women? Nicole Kidman is a highly recognized female. One may question if it’s our business to hear about her fantasies, but I believe that if she can indulge us on some roughly vague, but highly teasing details about her relationship, she has the incredible power to set an example for the women who look up to her. C’mon, Nicole. What makes your marriage to Urban so “raw”? Does he like to be whipped? Did you sleep with another man while he watched? Do you make him suck the dirt from your beautiful toes?

The world wants to know!

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