AFN’s Road to Kink Presents: Sexual Sensory – Voyeurism

This was originally posted at my old website; but you can also check it out here. Also, next week, I will return with next Road to Kink articles!

The body, in various stages of movement and inaction, has been the basis of many Road to Kink topics. This week, we will return to it for our source of sexual inspiration and power. We’re going to take a look, have a smell, indulge in a taste, steal a touch, and listen in on the many, many forms of body worship.

As you can already tell, we’re focusing on the five senses, each of which can illicit fetishistic associations with either the purpose of each sense or the sense itself. Of course, we will talk about the many body parts that are fetishized by all, but, I thought we should at least appreciate the unforeseen power that our senses play on us when we live in our fetish. All of our senses provide rooted connections to us and our fetish-object. And, for some of us, we needn’t look too far for worship. Some of us simply need to take a whiff or listen in… and this is how we connect.

Sensory deprivation is a heightened and intense state of withdrawal of the senses. This is practiced throughout the BDSM community in many different ways. The absence of one sense can heighten the others. Take them all away and you have nothing but your own mind to keep you company, to expand upon the anxieties that may plague you, or to play upon the sheer ecstasy you may feel from being helpless, powerless, and constricted from doing what comes naturally.

Pretend now that I’ve deprived you of all five senses. Which would you want me to return to you first?

Sight is my safest bet. For many fetishists the visual cues that their fetish-object gives them is intensified through the aesthetic. Voyeurism is the arousal gained of spying in on others engaged in intimate acts. Not only do sexual encounters provoke Peeping Toms, but undressing and “upskirting” (looking up skirts with spy cameras) are also highlights.

Spy-cam pornography often helps to insatiate the fetish, popular website like Hidden Zone and Voyeur Porn feature semi-authentic footage of young ladies being caught in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and shower stalls. Strip clubs and peep shows offer the same advantage for voyeur who want to safely satisfy themselves.

Scoptophiles are similar to voyeurs; however, they enjoy the risk and consequential element of danger that comes with uninvitingly spying on others. The subject of gaze is objectified; its appearance is far more significant than its feelings or attitudes.

On the other side of the spectrum, autagonistophilia is a sexual fetish in which the fetishist purposely places his or herself in a situation where an onlooker may accidentally stumble upon the fetishist when s/he is naked. For example, an autagonistophile may leave the curtains open and the bedroom lights on when s/he is getting dressed. S/He is in the right spot where an onlooker could easily spy on them (which is the true intent of this entire occurrence).

Wow, look at the time! Four more senses to go. Which one should we focus on next?

We’ll found out later!

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