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OK I am looking for some weapons to use to torture my friends while doing bdsm. Like some people are really scared when your rub a knife against someones pussy. Should I use a gun like a rifle or a pistol?
Any suggestions?

My first question to you is what type of role play scenario are you and your friend going to try? I know you said torture, but is it physical, verbal, or genital? This may help to narrow the selection of weaponry you need for intimidation, as well as how you’re going to play with it. Also, I want to assume that your partner is A-Okay with using weapons in your play session… if so, then let’s proceed.

If this is your first role-play session experimenting with weapons, then I would start with very simple, non-lethal items that you may have around your home. If you want to inflict some level of pain to your victim, er, I mean lover, then use clothespins for the nipples or genitals. You can even use ice – it may not seem so lethal but for a sensitive partner there’s nothing more intense than sliding a frosty ice cube up your lover’s anus or even teasing it against their genitals.

If you just want to intimidate your lover (Meaning you don’t actually want to hurt them), then ALWAYS use weapons that you’re both familiar with and you’re both comfortable handling. Also make sure that your lover knows that you will use a weapon to scare them. That way it truly becomes their decision if they want to play under these frighteningly sexy conditions. Knives may seem like a great idea, but even one with a dull blade can become dangerous if you’re not careful. If you have a pretty progressive sex toy shop in your area, then stop in and ask about toys that are for BDSM role-play. From there, you might be introduced to a number of fun torture implements like the Wartenberg Wheel and vampire gloves. A Wartenberg Pinwheel is a wheel with small, sharp, spikes on the edges. You can tickle your lover by rolling it gently against the skin, or it can become painful when you press the spikes downward. Here, you control the level of intensity and, by listening to your partner, you can use it for both intimidation and sensual play. Same goes for a pair of vampire gloves. These gloves have small needles planted into the palms and fingers. When you rub it against your lover’s skin, it can either tickle or torture. I’ve personally used both tools for sensual massages, genital torture, and extreme physical torture. I’ve also had them used on me so I know what my submissive partner is feeling. You can also go online to websites like JT’s Stockroom ( They also have a wonderful selection of BDSM tools.

Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER use a real gun on your partner. You know this, obviously, and of course you are talking about fake pistols and guns, preferably used to shoot water or nothing at all. Of course, you don’t want a REAL gun, right? Right! Well, fake guns are amazing intimidation devices for torture. I suggest doing a bit of legwork to see if there are dildos or other sex toys shaped like a gun (there has to be!). If so, you have a winner! You can use this for both intimidation or sex-play. If you are going to be using toy guns to “violate” your lover, then please don’t actually penetrate. None of these toys are made for insertion and since they are made of plastic, they can become uncomfortable. If your lover’s into it, make sure she plays with it first so she can determine how pleasurable the gun might be. Since a toy gun can be so, well, phallic, you can use the gun and stroke it against the pleasurable parts of her body.

If this is your first time playing, again, use non-lethal items for intimidation and pain infliction. If you’re both pretty familiar with BDSM and have practiced it a few times together, then check out BDSM sex toys like the ones mentioned above. Don’t ever use guns. Ever. And don’t use a lethal object (such as a knife or even a boxcutter) unless your partner knows in advance and understands the risk in using these items. There are always risks, so please be sure to use safe words to gauge your lover’s comfort and always keep a close eye on your lover’s well-being in case of changes. There is no safe way to use weapons for torture, but you and your lover can agree to make it safe and comfortable for the both of you.

Good luck!

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