Emma Thompson Educates The View (and us?) About Sex Slavery

Okay – Barbara, Whoopi, Joy, Ginger, Maryann, Skipper… question:

When the lovely and elegant Ms. Emma Thompson speaks about sex slavery, why the confused look on your faces?

Now, I know I don’t watch your show… if I wanted to hear chickens chattering so early in the morning, I would become a farmer *drum solo*. Sorry, had to do it… no, seriously, four people talking at the same time hurts my ears.

But you ladies went silencio when Emma addressed the very serious (and not “new”) issue of sexual slavery in the US and in other countries.

Ladies, haven’t you been watching Lifetime? What about Cold Case Files? Law and Order: SVU? 20/20? Almost every other movie/hour-long doc with re-enactments/episode from a saucy cop drama is about sex trafficking in some way shape or form. Get on it.

Well, it is a very serious issue. It affects the men, women, and children that are bought and sold all across the country (for sexual purposes and otherwise), it affects the actual sex workers who do earn a living in their honest profession, and it affects the clients that do care about who they receive their services from. Such is the case for sex workers from Rhode Island, as a new bill makes indoor prostitution in this state illegal. This may thwart sex traffickers, but how it aims to protect the ladies and gentlemen of the evening who would like to keep their businesses… well, I guess only feminists and liberals give a hoot and a holler!

Not to take away from the seriousness of Thompson’s message, there will be an installation in Washington Sq. Park called Journey. It depicts . From what I’ve seen so far, its explicit imagery and depictions of unwanted prostitution will enlighten me… but may make me feel ashamed about the wetness developing in my panties (Mary Roach said it happens all the time… so don’t blame me).

For further offensiveness, may I also offer up a conspiracy? Emma Thompson was heralded for removing her name off the Polanski Petition… might it have something to do with the fact that she’s a spokeswoman for these particular organizations, ones that might be sensitive (obviously) to certain affiliations with certain prominent rapists….???

Just a hunch.

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