Mad for the Women of Mad Men

There are only about three or four shows I stick with every season; Mad Men is one of them. It has failed to disappoint. And, most importantly, its cast of female characters are the strongest personalities on television!

Now I’m left to ponder what will come of season four’s Mad Men beauties… Further pondering then leads to how much I want to live their lives.

Granted… it’s the 1960s and misogynist behavior and political unfairness for our gender and race does put a nice blockade on your typical Sex and the City plotline. But, to me, it reminds us of how significant these types of characters are to entertainment and to our society.

Joan Holloway: She screams SEX everywhere she goes! With her fiery red ringlets and curves that won’t quit, I still drink a bucket a milk in hopes of getting her body. Hasn’t paid off… so I guess watching her every chance I get is good enough (Fantasizing about Joan bathing in milk isn’t too bad either)! Anywho, this woman has goals. Her goal? Move from mistress to married housewife. What’s pretty impressive is that she makes it (like the rest of the boys on the show) look like a business. Her moves are far more calculated and cunning, but I dare not blame her. Remember that evil thrashing the hubby took to the head a la vase? Well, that’s just one way of Joan letting us (and her husband) know that while her goals are short-sighted, the woman does work hard to get them and with no recognition, whatsoever.

Peggy Olson: Another woman who exemplifies such feats is copywriter Peggy. She and Joan certainly paralleled each other during the last season. Standing next to Joan, she shows us that a woman’s choices are not limited to domesticity. And while Peggy’s beauty is conservatively displayed (although still stylish throughout), she is very much like an individual, the type of lone wolf that I, and some of my friends, used to be back in college. Remember that one day, or week, month, year, etc when you were riding high on just your intelligence, your sexual power, your charm, and your ability to feel completely fearless, all without a man netting your attention through love/heartbreak? You’re still living in that mode? High five.

Betty Draper: This brings us back to Mrs. Donald Draper… or the wife formerly known as. And somehow, hot off the presses of the blogosphere, I hear that she was the least liked character towards the end. Guess we all have to stick by our man, don’t we? But, not Betty. And, seriously, all the more power to her. Why should she? Just because ‘we’ (the audience) cry over Don’s sob story doesn’t mean that Betty isn’t allowed to feel betrayal with a side order of resentment. Just like her daddy says, Betty is a house cat. She does very little but she’s very important. And, Betty the character is exactly that – her storyline is inevitably intertwined with Don’s, but on its own her story plays like a badly written romantic paperback. Now, that’s she rightfully emancipated, we hopefully get to see how Betty struggles to deal with another relationship (or independence?) as a mother and divorcee… whether she’ll be gay about it, who knows? *Prays that Weiner brings her back on the show… extends prayer to include more of Trudy Campbell and a strong female character of color*

So, I can either be the busty redhead with a mean swing, the power suit (or Haircut, for Peggy), or the liberated housecat…

I would go for Peggy… but I hate waking up before 10.

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