Carrie Prejean is Not a Woman

I’m sick to death of high profile women who suddenly try to save face when a sex tape arrives. Again playing the victim card, as a feminist, I find this insulting and detrimental to women who look up to these poor excuses… women who must suffer through their own self-insecurities and shame about their bodies, their sexual organs, and about their gender.

I attack Prejean in particular because she is a beauty queen. A beauty queen! She is supposed be a highly respected and notable figure in our society WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING! So many whores and sluts like myself have flaunted our pussies and sexuality with great pleasure and independence not only for the sake of pleasure, but because WE NEED to have pussy-positive and sex-positive voices and faces (and the faces of vaginas) in the public mainstream… but God forbid we actually try to run for politics or (because it’s SO important) try to win a fucking crown for being pretty and praying for world peace! Once we equate our pussies and sexual power with important positions that can move the world, men and any other stubborn woman who believes Prejean is somehow a role model will have to watch out!

Forgive me for my impassioned speech; but, I’ve also been trying to find the alleged sex tape she created for her boyfriend. According to what I’ve heard from the presses, it’s a video that features masturbation. I had to see it! In the ocean of celebrity sex tapes available, very rarely is one projected into the spotlight that features female masturbation as the main attraction. That, and I wanted to the Prejean pussy…

…What I hadn’t realized was that the Prejean pussy was underaged at the time. So, obviously, I’d be in big trouble for looking at it. *Shrugs*

Putting politics and titles aside, this is a stone-cold gender issue. Carrie Prejean is not taking responsibility for her own sexual power and, by doing so, she is harming the young women who do look up to her. By bashing pornography (Although, my darling girl, you were making pornography for you and your boyfriend to enjoy) and voicing her pitiful regret for making a harmless clip of twiddling her pussy, she is telling young girls that it is okay to flaunt your sexual goods recklessly for someone else, and it’s okay for others to sexualize you for the sake of entertainment, but once you express your sexuality through one of society’s shameful acts (remember, these acts are shameful because SOMEONE ELSE IS TELLING YOU THAT THEY ARE!) then it’s also okay to play the victim card and pretend that you had no CLUE as to what you were doing with your body and the reasons why!

Carrie Prejean, what would’ve been the big deal if you said, “You know what? I enjoyed making the sex tape. My pussy looked and felt fantastic! I’m here, as a pageant representative and iconic figure to say that young women’s bodies are beautiful, so is their sexuality. You can be sexual and still succeed in whatever you do. Your sexuality isn’t passive or non-existent!” Hm, maybe it’s that classic case of a woman being so far removed from her own sexuality that her only response to this “unacceptable” form of sexual power (i.e., tit pics and pussy flick) is to deny it.

Carrie Prejean, you make me sick.

ps. It’s still a sex tape, honey. Masturbation is sex too.

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