Victims of “Lorena Bobbit- Style” Sex Attack Rejoice!

Scientists at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine have found a way to conduct penis transplants on rabbits. So why fiddle with the rabbit’s dong? Leading this research is Dr. Anthony Atala, former pediatric urologist and a specialist for regenerative medicine. His expertise has made it possible to successfully create a “tailor-made transplant”.

This is a pretty incredible process for those who suffer from genital injury (*cough*), penile cancer, erectile dysfunction, and other genital disorders. There is also a chance that if a penis is grafted onto an infant, then this new sex organ will grow and develop with the child.

Instead of using stem cells for this transplant, Dr. Atala and his team used ordinary cells. After 18 years of experimentation, the transplant successfully worked and rabbits with newly grafted penises were ready to mate once they returned to their cages.

Atala mentioned that they’ve used clitoral tissue in their research; however, what I wonder is if clitoral tissue was used to rebuild a penis or an actual clitoris. There is erectile tissue in the penis and clitoris that are the same and both function in the same way – women get erections too (Hello!), so why have we placed higher value and significance on the penis than the clitoris… hmm?

What makes this particular research interesting is that many countries and cultures have created a system that legitimizes the genital mutilation of millions of women. And, while I’m sure many men do suffer from the occasional angered lover or unfortunate hand of fate, greater monstrosities are being performed on women’s clitorises on a daily basis.

Simply put: There is clitoral reconstruction, but what about clitoral transplants???

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