My Vulva Aka The Death Grip

That’s right.

I finally sat down and watched my pussy in action for Betty’s Manual Skills II video. With the ephemeral soundtrack and the rhythmic maneuver of my hands pulling and opening up my vulva, I was immediately entranced. However, what I took away from the viewing were two surprising revelations:

1) My clitoris is HUGE (Sorry, that’s not a real lesson).

2) Our pussies can benchpress one serious barbell…

…Not just any barbell… Betty Dodson’s barbell!!!

What’s both mysteriously beautiful (and sometimes confusing) about the female anatomy is that there is more to our organ that meets the eye, which is why all women are cheated out of a proper education in school. I don’t know about you, but we hadn’t spent much time talking about the exact location of the urethra, the presence of a clitoris (Don’t get me started), or the importance of our PC muscles.

And those PC muscles are important for many reasons. They help reduce the risk of incontinence, they can help spit out babies out with safety, and they can also help in one’s sex life.


My husband was the first (seriously) to comment about my PC muscles. Most of the fun (for me) during sex comes at that special moment, when in the throes of passion, I clench onto my lover’s penis with great zest. And I hold onto him as long as I can before spitting him out and letting him back in. Before, when I’ve done this, I never heard a peep (Perhaps female lovers in the past have exercised their vulvas too!). But, as my legs were thrown into the air, and as he bit into my calf (sign of an oncoming orgasm), I gave him the good ol’ collegiate death grip, and boy did he holler… “I like that alot!” was what I remembered vividly. He asked me to do it again. So, I squeezed my cunt as hard as I could  – I imagined breaking through a block of cement or lifting a bus with my miraculously strong pussy! Not to hurt him, of course, but mainly to show off my virility; he was definitely into it. Next day, however, when I spoke about it to one of my guy friends, he cringed with fear, to which I  flexed my PCs (Although he couldn’t see because I had my pants on) and playfully told him that he should be afraid… his penis should be too!

…As all men should… and when I mean penis I mean ego because many men think their ego and penis size (and performance) are linked somehow. If this is the case then, ladies, it’s time to pump your pussies up! They’re not just “love holes” and “honey pots”. Down below you have a beautiful organism that can deliver life, stop you from peeing on yourself, and manipulate the dildo/dong that penetrates. Remember that strong pussies make you a stronger feminist.

Please be sure to stop by Dodson and Ross and take a look at this wonderful Manual Skills video. She also shot a collection of other instructional (and sexy) videos, including anal sex, orgasms, and more! So, support this wonderful educator, download a clip, enjoy it, and spread the word.

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