Jezebel Writers Too Smart for Rape… Why aren’t they writing about this in their blog?

Just discovered this clip from College Candy. A year ago, Jezebel writers Tracie Egan and Moe Tkacik were invited to appear on Lizz Winstead’s show “Thinking and Drinking” to discuss their unabashed sexual adventures and the explicit recounting of such on their popular blog. Both ladies showed up to the set inebriated and ready to speak with Winstead.

As a unnecessary lush (nursing a hangover as we speak), I must say that to watch these lasses slur their way through a conundrum-fuck was mildly entertaining. Also, I completely and utterly understand what they were trying to say. But, the fact that they were drunk and can’t even solidify their statements makes it a failed attempt to offer a new and controversial approach to the sensitive issue that is rape.

Personally, I agree with these ladies. I’ve never been date raped. Sure, as Winstead pointed out, it could be pure luck. We don’t know who could be a rapist. Hell, under the right pretenses I could be a date rapist if I wanted to. If such were the case, then I can consider anyone I keep company over a threat or, well, just plain ol’ company. But, if 1 in 4 women are raped, and I’m practically a slut (and, thus, asking for it), then is it true that it’s luck alone?

Anyway, Egan and Tkacik make valid arguments, one that enraged the audience but also made them laugh. You know why? Because what they say is essentially true. And, technically, they’re not wrong because, as women and potential victims of future date rape scenarios, their perspective is one that makes sense. They don’t see themselves as victims, rape does not have to cripple their spirit, and they can laugh a little at the mass hysteria that rape has caused in all of us, men and women.

Jezebel isn’t my main source for stories, but they do touch upon topics that are of interest to the public. And, it’s a girl’s blog, so of course it attracts a higher demographic. But, why aren’t the writers as ballsy or as assertive as Egan and Tkacik prove themselves to be on Winstead’s show? Sure, they’re drunk which, in fact, hurts their perspective because no one can take them seriously. But, their message is very clear, very individualistic, and-unfortunately-very rejected.

Besides other militant feminist blogs, Jezebel is one of the few that tackles hot topics, but does so with the glossiness and impartiality of a lobotomized college graduate. What if, over night, Jezebel ditched the superficiality of its news and, instead, used events as a point of reference to issues discussed on Winstead’s show? Would readers still be as devoted? Would Jezebel crash and burn like the Hindenberg?

Well, Jezebel, just remember that I’ll be your first subscriber when it does happen!

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