Nicole Kidman Recants Fetish Sex

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole.


The actress now claims that the quotes used in GQ Magazine were taken out of context, as she was referring to her film career and not her seemingly passionate private life with husband, Keith Urban.

She insists on remaining private on the matter, and it’s understandable in that regard. But, so few Hollywood icons discuss their sex life in a candid and healthy way. And, the reason why many of us latched on to Kidman’s opening up about her sex life was like opening a window during an ice storm, or sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar: I just need a taste of salacious details to know that I am not the only one who has the same fantasies or is curious about kinky hijinks.

But that door has been shut; the window has been locked. Kidman will keep her mouth closed and her legs crossed for us, although most of her characters have depicted a fearlessness and exhibitionism that maybe the rest of Hollywood’s femme fatales could learn from.

In the current outpouring of celebrity sex tapes and scandals, it seems that Hollywood can’t talk openly about the goings-on of pretty people in bed, but they most certainly want to exploit it however they can. It’s an entanglement of both sexual freedoms under forced opportunities and sordid revelations, a sign that sex in this culture will rarely be as attainable or topical in the same fashion that gossip is today.

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