Sullenberger Has “Rock Star Sex” thanks to Heroism!

America’s beloved pilot Chesley Sullenberger recently admitted on The Matt Laurer Show that his heroic attempts to land the plane has changed in his life in many ways… yes, including his sex life. Referring to it as “hero sex”, wife Laurie Sullenberger told Laurer that it certainly helps during a 20 year-marriage. Chesley then chimes in to describe it as “rock star sex.”

So which one is it?

In my mind “hero sex” and “rock star sex” are both very different, right? Hm… Well, this is my immediate thought. But, after closer observation, I realize that while both types of sexual encounters involve different, er, activities, they actually don’t need to. It is only the circumstances that truly define the type of sex this couple would have. And, that, in turn, affects the way each partner perceives it.

For example, I would totally let Sully fuck me in the ass. I’ll even be sober for it. I consider it a loving gift for his courageous decision and split-second thinking. And, by “sacrificing” my butt to him, I would also be seen as somewhat pious and, perhaps, blessed.

“Rock star sex”, however, is not about “giving”. It’s about “taking.” If I were having rock star sex, then it’s far dirtier in my mind. I imagine Chesley calling me a filthy whore while he shoves his dick in my pucker with no warning. The extra element of surprise mixed in with the intense furor of his anal love-making would compliment my slight nausea, the result of drinking two or three glasses of red wine. And possibly a line of coke.

Just making a point.

I also wondered what would’ve happened if Sullenberger had never been on that plane. What if he stayed home sick? Would his sex life have changed at all? If they’re having mega super rock star sex now, then I couldn’t imagine what kind of sex they were having before. Sure, maybe it’s the same ol’ run around the mattress, but this new sex has sprung from a cataclysmic event in American history, one that could’ve ended tragically.

This leads me to believe that not only does the “heroism” seem appealing, but also the sudden near-death experience may have revived a sense of carpe diem mentality in both Chesley and his wife. They’re having all of that hot, steamy, unabashed sex now because his mortality’s been tested.

So, don’t wait ladies and gentlemen for your world to end, take it from Chesley and Laurie. Have “rock star sex” now!

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