Eve… World’s Tallest Model

Don’t worry, people. Giantesses do exist and are taking over our world this very second?

Don’t believe me? Why not check out Eve – the world’s tallest model.

This Austrian beauty stands proudly at 7 feet, making even the hunkiest of the tall, dark, and handsome bunch seem like smurfs compared to this voluptuous Amazon.

Standing next to an average-sized (not average-looking) model, one can see that she is able rest her weary head on Eve’s gorgeous posterior without very little effort.

I was struck by this buxom beauty because on the surface, Eve has a smile that beams and eyes that can’t help but penetrate through my many layers of clothing. But, her strength and stature are of greater appeal because I can imagine her throwing me over her shoulder or making me perform pull-ups on her muscled arm.

As a fire begins to ravage my apartment, and my sweaty body lies on the floor in desperate need of oxygen. Eve breaks through the door in a tattered dress that has been burnt off her incredible body; her breasts heaving as she searches through the smoke for me. When she finally discovers me half-dead on the floor, Eve lifts me, slumps me over her shoulder and sprints out the door. I feel her tits and nipples brush against my thighs and… this is when I fast forward to full-on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Anyway, if you’re not even remotely fascinated by this woman, then I suggest you watch this clip… or see a doctor, you ol’ prude!

    • Eric Nicolas
    • November 30th, 2009

    I think maybe Eve used to be a guy

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